I tried an image association game this week, I started with the Marc Silvestri piece and let my mind take me somewhere, I’d go looking there and find another piece and then repeated the exercise several more times until I came up with these. Don’t ask how as I’m sure if I tried it again tomorrow there’d be all new images.

Also, its getting late in the year so please forgive if I’ve double posted something from earlier in the year 🙂

Marc Silvestri gives us a great splash page for Web of Spider-Man #18, September 1986. I’ll pick this one for the week’s winner, I could look at this page all day.

Bob Kane gives us this epic splash page for Detective Comics #73 featuring the Scarecrow. I wish I found one that was not colour enhanced as I think they went too hard on the dark. March 1943.

Rico Rival must have been a Bob Kane fan, his splash page for Dead of Night #11 gives us another Scarecrow splash to enjoy. This splash screams early 70s, love the flaming background. November 1975.

Bill Sienkiewicz is such a great artist, so much style and mood in his work. This splash page from Moon Knight #28 is a feast. February 1983.

Joe Kubert with a tighter style I like on the splash page for Showcase #25 from April 1960.

Joe Staton and Joe Orlando stack this splash page from Showcase #97 with so much goodness the page can hardly contain it. February 1978.