Covered 365: Day 242

Batman #242, DC Comics, June 1972, Artist: Mike Kaluta.

I’m a big Mike Kaluta fan and I love the scene and the mood on the cover of Batman #242.

Neal Adams hits again with a strong cover to Superman #242.

Jim Lee does great work on a close up of a battle between Red Sonja and Conan, a tricky cover but he pulls it off nicely.

I’m a big Charlton Comics fan and doesn’t the Pat Boyette Blackhawk #242 cover remind you of a late 60s Charlton comic?

And for Chris, I present Thor #242, hands down the biggest hand of the day.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Chris Meli
4 years ago

Good agreement today. I did spend some time looking at that compelling Blackhawk, which seems to be a nice try to set aside a decade of nonsense and get back to the good ol’ good guy allies vs. bad guy axis theme. I think it’s the stick-figurey Blackhawks that put me off – those are part of its Charlton-esq flavor and one of the reasons I didn’t go for Charlton back in the day.

Thankfully lots to choose from tomorrow although no home run. I keep coming back to Spectacular Spider-Man, so that will be my pick. It is too dark, and I don’t like how the artists’ signature box was prominently lightened, but both the art and the coloring are beautiful.

Superman is the runner-up for Mr. Adams’s out-Frazetta-ing Frazetta.


– Archie Giant Series – a fun seasonal cover and I love the fluorescent colors, very 70s

– Batman – an unrequited love from this past week

– Blackhawk – crazy fun busy cover – note how an editor put a label at the top

– Daredevil – nice composition and use of colors

– FF – more a poster, but who can resist a classic Galactus fight by Byrne?

– House of Mystery – another nice wash tone throwback

– Unknown Soldier – my Kubert of the day, great composition and tension-filled lurking around

Kubert also gets the JOWA for Our Army at War – who had the idea that this cover was going to sell a WW II book?

4 years ago

Another strong day for comic covers, and I really enjoy the choices that Walt made.

Jim Lee’s up close view of a “battle” that has raged across pages of Conan comics since issue #23 made Conan was my preference.

But who could argue with either the Superman or Batman cover being the choice.

All credit due to Mike Kaluta for stepping into a run of classic Neal Adams Batman covers, and offering a fantastic cover that is worthy of its place.

But the day was full of other contenders as well:

– Joe Kubert provided 2 outstanding covers in Tarzan and Unknown Soldier.

– Captain America #242 is a jammed pack battle cover full action and color.

– Action Comics 242 is a classic, and the cover lives up to its importance. The introduction of a new villain against the purple background of space may challenge collectors, but it sure made this cover pop.

Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
4 years ago

No complaints from me today… a great grouping of covers! The others picks for tomorrow while weaker seem suffice… although I am not quite seeing the Frazetta connection. I think that Sgt Rock is thinking the same way as Chris about the Our Army at War cover… he seems much to old to be playing with toys!

David Hoffert
David Hoffert
4 years ago

The Blackhawk cover reminds you of Charlton because it is by Charlton mainstay Pat Boyette, not Vince Coletta. I would give the slight edge today to Superman, but the Kaluta Batman is really nice too