Covered 365: Day 262

Mickey Mouse #262, Gemstone, March February 1978, Artist: Ulrich Schroder.

I did not find one cover today I could truly celebrate 🙁

We are 262 days in so getting this far along before hitting a rut should be seen as a positive, I know there are tons more great covers to come.

I’m choosing Mickey Mouse #262 for the obvious reasons, the cover has a nice blue background and the cover is devoted to romance, it’s the cover I’d want to look at most in a stack of #262 covers.

Runner up has to go to my guy David Yardin and his OK cover to X-Factor #262. I chose it as runner up as a sign of respect for this great young artist, X-Factor #262 is the end of the run for X-Factor and we are all enriched by the great run of covers Mr. Yardin gave us on his X-Factor stint.

I’m not sure what to think of John Byrne’s cover to Fantastic Four #262, I wanna like it, I wanna dig into the background and find people but it just isn’t pulling me in.

Mike Zeck gave us 2 Captain America’s on the cover of Captain America #262, one of them is a giant with giant hands…

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Grimm selection indeed. I might have chosen the X-Factor. It’s offbeat and well-drawn. Mr. Fantastic’s figure looks bad, so I don’t care about the background after that. Cap looks like a homage to Schomberg’s WWII covers and their strange proportions…but not in a good way.

  2. Your pick is not worth discussing. Yardin is great but that doesn’t make this X-Factor a great cover, which it’s not. I still like the FF background regardless of Mr. Fantastic.

    Tomorrow might not have any truly great cover, but the selection is better. Again and surprisingly I’m going with Uncle Scrooge #263. I love the detail in this, the composition, the shark’s expression, the colors…

    The runner-up is FF, which I wanted to pick because it is a really impressive piece of b/w work, but the color scheme really knocks it down (particularly because The Thing is orange to begin with), and you have to have been reading the book to have any idea what’s going on.

    I was back and forth on Blackhawk but I will give it a mention. The downsides are that wheel again and some Kane face issues, but otherwise it’s all upsides (Kane, composition, action, the wheel spike breaking the fourth wall). Captain America isn’t bad but I don’t go for the Disney-esq Skull (which is kind of funny, because I really dig the actual Disney live-action Skull). I’m pretty sure you are going to mention or pick the Four Color so I’ll give it a nod, but I much prefer the Uncle Scrooge.

    I want to like Superman (Adam) and Spectacular Spider-Man (Byrne), but I don’t. The Superman uses the photo background cop-out and it is a very weak Adams example instead of what could have been spectacular, and similarly Byrne’s Spectacular is not spectacular as his Goblin is too cartoony for me.

    Action is the nth swipe of this setup – exactly how many times have we had Superman/Superboy on the right, facing a panel of judges on the left? However in this case I strongly empathize with Superman’s conclusion.

    Daredevil gives us one of the weirdest giant hands yet.

    ASM supplies an unfortunate and strong JOWA candidate, but on style points the award has to go to Sam Keith’s hairy-backed Hulk on Marvel Tales. I’m sort of surprised that Keith didn’t draw hairs on Spider-Man’s costume.

  3. Adventure Comics #262 saved the day for me.

    Not sure I was sharing Walt’s beleaguered assessment, but recognized the heights of quality we had seen in the past were lacking. However, I saw a few covers that had potential…and then I saw a giant-sized Kyrpto bursting forward and knew that was one.

    Saw the recommendation for Uncle Scrooge #262 in yesterday’s comments and decided to take a look and thought it was really good as well – especially in combination with #261.

  4. I try not to look ahead but when I saw the comment from Chris suggesting Uncle Scrooge #263 I couldn’t help myself – had to take a look.


  5. Agree with Chris on tomorrows Uncle Scrooge…and the Daredevil… if it didn’t say Daredevil and if Chris hadn’t pointed it out I wouldn’t have known that WAS a hand… I thought it looked like a hairball off of Keiths Hulk from the Marvel Tales!

  6. Really heavy reliance on photo reference for X Factor and very slick but not to my taste (why not just print the photograph unless it was elements assembled), Mickey is cute, guess I like Cap the best.

  7. I like it when Chris goes easy on me.

    Just to recap today’s pick as I didn’t make my intentions clear in the body of the post, the winner was a protest pick, defaulting to the things I like, the runner up was a sign of respect for a great run, neither made the grade.

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