Covered 365: Day 270

House of Mystery #270, DC Comics, July 1979, Artist: Joe Orlando.

We’ve seen variations on this theme before, most famously on the cover of Suspense Comics #3, Joe Orlando’s ambitious attempt at the scene on the cover of House of Secrets #270 is strong cover for sure but doesn’t that hooded guy in the back see those kids?

The great Morris Gollub gives us out Toxic Masculinity cover of the day, two good ol’ boys settling things by duking it out on the cover of Four Color #270.

Again, to keep my passport I thought it best to show my Canadian-ness and feature this great hockey cover on Donald Duck #270. I know guys that collect hockey covers, no fooling. I did notice that 3 of our ducks shoot right, the side true snipers like me shoot from, looks like only Huey shoots left.

I swear this Life With Archie #270 cover was the scene that played out in my bowels the last time my wife made eggplant lasagna.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. In an odd way, the Archie cover reminds me of the 1960’s Lost In Space tv episode, “The Great Tomato Rebellion,’

  2. I think the guy in back of the HoM is taking a catnap! The blue on the Four Color is almost too intense! Always Duck in the face of a flying Puck! Your wife may smack you when you get home Walt!

  3. Good thing she don’t read this column Gerald, I hope

    Thanks for the info Rick

    I can’t say I’ve seen that episode Klaus, was it a bloody rebellion?

  4. It was the final episode where they simply had actors wearing huge tomato suits confronting Will, Dr. Smith and the robot. You could tell the series was done by that episode.

  5. It is “The Great Vegetable Rebellion” and it isn’t the final episode. Also see Tales of Suspense #19 or Tales to Astonish #13 for that matter. I had eggplant for lunch and no Archie issues so far.

    I don’t dislike the pick but it isn’t “great” – the art is too crude and it is more of steal of Suspense to be peddled to kids who aren’t even aware of the classic rather than a homage. But as far as the guy in the back goes – of course he sees the kids, that’s the whole point, they are next.

    Of the other three I have to say I like the Archie, but not “great”. The most you can say for the other two is that they are pleasant dusty covers. I feel like now that you have been posting more than one image, you feel like you have to. For this day, with not even one “great” cover, don’t feel obliged to throw more run-of-the-mill covers up. (But I can accept the “required hockey” argument.)

    Again nothing great for #271. If I have to go with one I really want to go with Conan, but that awful MacNeil face stops me. We had a chihuahua with teeth like that. Instead I will pick the visually confusing but otherwise cool Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men. I do like Adventure as well. Four Color is pretty good for a funny animal cover, but The Phantom of the Plains is The Phantom Ink Blot all over again.

    Nothing can beat Archie for the JOWA, and as I bestow this I’m struck by how Jimmy and Lucy could reenact this cover. (With Lois following up as the bejeweled Veronica? Not wise with Supes in the picture.) However any other day Flash would be a worthy choice.

  6. Ah, vegetable not tomato. I was a kid when I saw it in reruns and the station ran no other episodes. So to a 6 year old, it was the end. Even I thought it was stupid. So did the whole Schroeder family, so I wasn’t alone.

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