Covered 365: Day 323

Batman #323, DC Comics, January 1980. Artist: Dick Giordano.

There were only 29 covers to choose from today and of the lot I liked Dick Giordano’s coveted cover to Batman #323, this book always flew out of the bins I think mostly because of the cover.

Scott McDaniel has been impressing the heck out of me with his Daredevil cover run, check out the dynamic on his cover to Daredevil #323.

Denys Cowan’s ho-hum cover to World’s Finest #323 may not merit today’s list but we do owe the World’s Finest title the honour of showing their last issue. World’s Finest was actually a surprisingly steady contributor to this exercise.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. Seeing as no one else is going to comment, I’ll offer that Catwoman is hot in that outfit. I never cared for the leotard. Give me a nice leg any day. Is that to un-PC to say these days? They ruined the tv Supergirl by putting her in a pant suit.

  2. I’m surprised Batman got ahead of the DD, good for you.

    The air is getting really thin now. I will go with DD for tomorrow because it isn’t as confusing although I can’t see what the story is. ASM was a nice try with some nice giant Spidey hands, but Sabretooth didn’t work out, as was fairly common with McFarlane’s art in those days. Avengers also isn’t bad, again with a nice giant hands composition.

    Adventure is both the JOWA and very cool. Beast Boy prototype? I know some folks are down on the prototypes, but this one looks like the real deal. And Gas Girl is a – real – gas! Get it?! It’s like “she’s a gas”, but she really is a gas! Do you see – it’s a play on words! It’s funny!

  3. Only 29 to choose from…I had no idea. I keep learning from this project. And I have never before seen that final World’s Finest. Kind of went out with a whimper, except for an appeal as a curiosity…I don’t know how that cover would sell copies off the rack.

    The Daredevil I find confusing, though it is certainly dynamic.

    On leotards v. legs…I know its all fantasy, but what human in their right mind goes into fights with short shorts on?

    Starting with Dollman, who I am a fan of, the Golden Age male heroes with bare legs usually look pretty silly. I know the girls are cuter, but really, the poor ladies would be nothing but scratches, bruises and scars with no protection. They have my sympathy.

    But that is a fun shout-out cover to the original Catwoman. Her early appearances were always special, until Moldoff/Kane and crew trashed her along with Batman in general by the late fifties. I can’t look at those covers, aliens etc, without wincing. As a Marvel fan, Inonly started collecting Batman and Detective with the New Look issues by Schwartz, Infantino and Anderson…now THAT was the modern Batman to a young fan in the sixties. And Batgirl by these greats was silly at times, but she looked very fine.

  4. Bud, I think you need to open your mind on Moldoff. While in period context his covers tell a story of editorial disregard that’s diametrically opposed to AT&T’s view today of Batman as a billion-dollar property, as collectibles I think they are very attractive. You can point to Detective #233 (first Batwoman) as the most blue chip of these, but I prefer the ones that make you wince. In fact I just picked a couple of these (Detective #320, Mummy Batman, and Detective #322, Genie Batman) as best covers of the day – regardless of crudity, they are really striking and cool. I think it’s fair to say that it was Moldoff’s goofy and clunky Batman that made it to TV and came back to haunt the “new look” Batman, even forcing him (sort of) to watch the show (Batman #183).

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