Covered 365: Day 329

Batman #329, DC Comics, July 1964. Artist: Carmine Infantino.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

I like the new look Batman on Carmine Infantino’s cover to Batman #329, Batman almost looks grey tone on it.

Captain America’s Weird Tales!! Mike Zeck’s cover to Cap #329 reminded me of when the Captain America title switched to horror.

As we reach higher and higher in our number count we see some stalwart heavyweight titles slowly disappear, today we bid adieu to Wonder Woman with issue #329.

I’ve noticed that I like or dislike Hulk covers based on the way the artist draws Hulk’s face. Al Milgrom draws a strong Action Cover to Hulk #329 but I’m now liking the look of the Hulk.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I like that Infantino cover! The mood of the story and the premise are all set up for us in that one pic. I an not liking that Hulk either… he looks like a hippie rioting for peace!

  2. It was a Batman day with Detective Comics #329 and Batman #329 being the 2 primary choices. Liked them both and was having trouble deciding until Walt cast the deciding vote for Detective.

    After looking at Detective in the large format of today’s column, I thought it had the “feel” of an older GA cover which confirmed the choice.

  3. Not feeling that Detective. Yes it has a weird GA vibe but that’s not enough to make it great. Batman’s face is enough to do it in for me.

    I don’t support showing covers just because they’re the last issue. If they were going to cancel the series, typically they didn’t put much into the last issue with its presumably small print run.

    The Hulk hair is bad but I already gave it a JOWA for a prior cover.

    There is only one #330 I can pick and that’s Avengers. This has a cool mix of Dr. Strange and Avengers going on, although the story isn’t clear at all. I won’t call it great, but I’m okay with “really good”. I also dig Action for some reason – it’s crazy and kitschy but I love the crazy bird and the hyperbolic text.

    Batman – come on, Robin. If Batman’s looking to quash the rumors, it looks like his choosing a really good way to do it. Hit the bricks, pal.

    Detective – how many times did DC use this “Get out of town!” theme? This topic picked up on it on the cover of Superman #273, but it must have been used a dozen times or more.

    Superman – again with secret identity reveal! How can this again be news in 2019?

  4. Like the Detective, and laughable how Robin is the cause of the trap door. DOH!
    330 may be thin and bleak, but I find Uncle Scrooge both clever and cute enough to make me smile. Avengers is okay, maybe too busy, but so is the Legion of Superheroes by Steve Lightle, and I like that too. Batman tells Robin to ‘talk to the hand’ because….well…….ya’know. Thor has some goodness, I like the way the characters ‘pop’ on the white background.
    JOWA goes to………I actually can’t decide. Doc Samson with the spider on his head, Superman yelling at Lana Lang the he’s Clark, Action where Superman is holding onto a wipe out bird, the mess Erik Larsen made on ASM, this list is longer than the the ones I like. YIKES!

  5. Detective reminds me of the way I tried to paint my Aurora Batman model. I agree his face is a little off but I’m liking Carmine Infantino more and more with the examples seen in this great column.

    After Walt finishes on Day 365 my plan is to back again to the beginning and looks at all the days I missed.

  6. I bought the Detective off the spinner racks, and have always liked it. It DOES have a feeling of a grey tone cover. All those New Look Infantino/Anderson covers were great, and this stands out for both an intriguing theme and the grey tone aspects.

    I just looked it up to make sure it was Anderson who inked it. It was. It looked a bit like Sid Greene to me. Turns out it got the Alley Award for best comic book cover for 1964. For you youngsters, this was the very first fandom awards, the equivalent of a Harvey or Eisner Award today.

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