Covered 365: Day 328

Amazing Spider-Man #328, Marvel Comics, January 1990. Artist: Todd McFarlane.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

I really wasn’t happy with Day 328’s selection but I did have to go with Todd McFarlane’s way too busy cover to amazing Spider-Man #328 mainly because I think Spidey just punched Hulk right in his gonads.

My love hate relationship with Scoot McDaniel continues, this time around I think I’ll go with love as I like his attempt on the cover of Daredevil #328.

What better remedy on a confusing a d cold cover day that some hot cover chicken noodle soup care of Carl Bettner’s cover to Four Color #328.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. I always wanted to pan for gold Walt…looks almost as fun as digging for old comics at Big B Hamilton. So four color it is for me

  2. So little to choose from and the personalities have become predictable in their choices. But my choice of the Four Color over the ASM points to how effective this exercise has been. A year ago I wouldn’t have looked at it twice, dismissing it as just another disposable funny animal cover. So I will fight the good fight with the tiny remaining population through 31 December. The pressure is on Walt to bring us a comparable exercise for 2020.

    As expected #329 presents us with little. I like Batman best although yet again not great. Captain America almost got my pick but it is just too crude. ASM is pretty good regardless of the Larsen hate and also has a nice giant foot.

    JOWA to Action for a variety of reasons, particularly for Superman’s expression and his ears. Also a nice rainbow shield for Walt.

  3. No dispute in my mind. The four color cover is really number 1. There is so much going on here and it sets up the story so well. Too bad there is always an orientation to the “super-heroes” (which I love) covers. And yeah, I guess its fun to see the Hulk get punched in the nuts but it doesn’t make a great cover.

  4. Judging from that Hulk… not sure if that McFarlane kid has a career. Ducks are tops tho! Throw that gauntlet right back at Meli and say “You do it!” Walt!

  5. Nice selection here, and all were expected. One thing seems to be happening with shrunken selection, we’re starting to agree on what should be in the list regardless of order.
    For 329, in no particular order, I like Daredevil, can’t help it, I really enjoy that McDaniel art. Four color is nice. Thor is ‘electrifying’ too, one of the best in a while from Ed Hannigan with excellent inking support from Klaus Janson. Batman is interesting, but I think Detective is more so with the artistic upgrade, makes me think of a old movie poster.
    JOWA is as Meli called it, Action is just…….I can’t even.

  6. The shadow on the four colour seems to typically indicate a grizzled old prospector in a cowboy hat, but he’s holding a double barrelled pirate type pistol. Neat touch.

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