Covered 365: Day 346

Thor #346, Marvel Comics, August 1984. Artist: Walt Simonson.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

There were only 24 covers to choose from today so I thought I’d grab a quarter of the options for today’s post, 6 covers.

I like Walt Simonson’s cover to Thor #346 best, I like the composition and I like the green background which works here for some reason.

Superman getting an uppercut from Supergirl is hard to resist, it’s even harder with the wat Curt Swan drew Supergirl…

Great Zane Grey cover on Four Color #346, I think the Zane Grey covers may be the best covers in the whole Four Color run and that’s saying a lot, love the South West yellows on this covers.

Amazing Spider-Man #346 has always sold because of its brash and abrasive cover, I’ve never been a fan of it but it does have that shock and awe quality to it.

Speaking of not being a big fan, I don’t really like Ron Wagner’s cover to Daredevil #346 but it does grab you – too much for me.

Speaking of subtlety, I like the simplicity of Carmine Infantino’s cover to Flash #346, maybe it’s that sky blue I love so much.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. Walt, your description of the Action cover makes no sense. Were you trying to say ‘the way Swan drew Supergirl’? You’re right; Swan always drew a scrumptious Supergirl, in the costume I liked best. I never cared for the red skirt on her. I wish the tv Supergitl wore a clingy outfit like this one. Hers is like a suit of armour.

  2. Walt, your choice of Thor #346 is a good one, and I really like the Action #346 cover – I have always preferred Batgirl covers as a collector – but this is a really nice Supergirl cover which will likely find its way onto the “want list”.

    I can lean in a little for the this Larsen cover to ASM, but it still borders on just “too much” of everything, including the double reflection of Spidey – might have been better without Spidey.

    And I am looking for JOWA’s to end the year, and think Superman #346 is a worthy contender with a fire-breathing Superman and a lame speech balloon from Perry White.

  3. I guess I am an old fuddy duddy… the Larsen and the Wagner are not my kind of covers! The others I can support and think the Action might be my favorite in this bunch…Swan’s lines were so clean and smooth!

  4. There is way too much blood on those gloves, even though Daredevil only has two teeth left in his mouth. I’m surprised this cover made it passed the comics code.

  5. Thor’s head looks really small, out of proportion to the rest of him. DD has way more blood than I want to look at in any comic. It’s like movie or tv violence no one could survive that beating. Took me a second to realize it’s NOT two guys who pulped DD.

  6. Derrick, you are so right about the lame Perry White line, cringe.

    Yes Klaus, I was clumsily trying to say that Supergirl made it hard, a bit of an homage to Inspector Clouseau when he was in bed with the hot Russian spy and she asked him if it was hard in the Resistance during the war and he replies, ‘ye but not as hard as it is now’, I really have to grow up

  7. My takeaway on Superman 346: Lana should be incinerated by Superman’s Kryptonian-strength flame breath, Perry shouldn’t be smoking in a kid’s comic, especially on the cover, and the most flammable air vehicle of all time, a zepplin, is hovering directly above a super-fire threat. Wow!

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