Covered 365: Day 352

Daredevil #352, Marvel Comics, May 1986. Artist: Shawn McManus.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

I’m gonna go out and say that Day 352 is the worst day of the year, I thought of declaring it a 6-way tie and have no winner but that would mess up the year-end effect of 365! I ended up picking what I thought should have been the winner just can’t declare a winner, Shawn McManus’ cover to Daredevil #352. I think the perspective is off? Is that knife going to miss? Are the two characters time synched? Anyways…

Speaking of time sync, I have the exact opposite response to Joe Kubert’s cover to Sgt. Rock #352, there is no reason to like this cover but I do. Did I make a mistake in not picking it? Only time will tell…

Cracking the dilemma of the crossroads faced by Superman on Ross Andru’s cover to Superman #352 was easy, I say Sup should continue as planned and hit on that brunette with the white purse…

What the hell, are the Avengers all mad, clown smile murderers? All I know is those grins killed any chance Kieron Dwyer’s cover to Captain America #352 had of winning the day…

I like Jim Aparo’s Batman… especially when Bats is right side up…

For some reason, I find Curt Swan’s cover to Adventure Comics #352 stupid which really puts me in an awkward spot when I have to say that I like it…

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. Your right, that Adventure cover is stupid. Like the LoSH needs flyers to identify the viliians. Really?! SGT Rock just needs his clock to stop, it’s a ugly cover. Batman is indeed a nice drawing, even if upside down, it’s done right and probably the best of this group. I also liked Simonson’s covers on the day for Fantastic Four and Thor, poster style or not, they were well done. They were at least better than the dislocated jaw of DD. McManus likes to exaggerate a bit too much for my liking on that cover. Superman is just uninteresting, while Avengers isn’t horrible, but as you noted the smiles being removed might have improved the cover greatly.

    For 353 I’m pinning my approvals on Batman for a well done example of anatomy stretching by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. Avengers is a dark cover, but the subject matter is interesting. FF by Simonson for one of the best covers of Human Torch I’ve ever seen and with a nice example of perspective, doesn’t matter to me if it’s a ‘poster’ cover, but it’s the 3rd of four character highlight covers by Simonson, so he’s going for a theme with it at least. DD is better than the last one, still not ‘drawing me in’ per se, but not bad. Sgt Rock isn’t bad either, but it would have been improved by leaving out the word balloons, it just made it dumb. Lastly Thor again by Simonson with the family laying Surtur to rest. Nice perspective, some Kirby-Krackle, and something that looks interesting enough to learn more.

    JOWA goes to Detective for it’s strange decision to have a character literally depicted as jumping out of one comic and into another. Just looks dumb.
    Adventure for it’s “rockem-sockem robots” cover gets runner up.


  2. This day offered very little to choose from, but I was sufficiently satisfied with Bagley’s cover rendition of Spidey to make ASM #352 my very biased choice.

    However, I thought Detective Comics #352 earned a JOWA for the odd and weirdly drawn “small” hands surrounding the central image – maybe an early version of emoji’s? – which contrasts unfavorably to the appreciation for “giant hand” covers which has been expressed in prior comments and columns.

  3. Whoa….!!! I must have accidentally stumbled on worst comic book cover day…. errr can anyone direct me to BEST comic-book cover day???

  4. As usual Derrick and I are seeing things along the same lines. I agree that the Detective is also weird but that Adventure is just too stupid.

    As sometimes C.K. and I are seeing things along the same lines for the #353 pick, I’m in agreement with Batman as the choice. That FF is a decent poster but too simple for my tastes. DD is my close runner-up – it does draw me in, I think the rendering of DD is superior. Hulk and Thor are both good posters but don’t have any real story to them.

    I give the JOWA to Sgt. Rock. The art may be good, but “just use my bald head as a sight-marker”?

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