Covered 365: Day 356

Captain America #356, Marvel Comics, August 1989. Artist: Al Milgrom.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Al Milgrom’s cover to Captain America #356 work, it gives us the most memorable cover to Day #356.

Cary Nord probably deserved the day too with his simple and elegant rendering of the Daredevil and foe.

Carmine Infantino puts in another solid effort with his cover to Detective Comics #356, old hat for him, these covers.

I saw the Canadian flag and duty took over, I actually had a chance to go to the Calgary Olympic Games with a buddy but I was new at my job at the time and could not get the time off work!

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. The Daredevil is silly. The guy is blind; he can easily operate in darkhess as he would in light. It always dark to him.

  2. In the Cap, I like the central villainess and her cape. But why is Cap’s uniform so loose? Did he het converted back to skinny Steve Rogers?

    I’d top the list with Daredevil. I don’t see the issue with the Darkness, Klaus, DD still looks poised, like he’s listening. I think of the Darkness reference as referring to something other than a threat to DD…maybe the villain has a cool black-out ability, like The Phantom Lady did. She would use a black out “gun” to put her opponents in the dark…but who remembers that with all her sex appeal?

    I have Phantom Lady on my mind…most of my run is quite literally in the Heritage auction this Sunday evening. Sadly, they didn’t grade terribly well when Heritage slabbed them for me…three others graded higher and did better, in an earlier auction. **sigh**

    As much as I like Infantino’s Batman on the Detective, this feels like a pose he has used before. And maybe would again. The villain just looks silly with all those circles in his costume. But I really like that stylish Infantino Robin turning into a coffin. Cool idea.

  3. Well…I like all these covers… and frankly doubt we will find better at the numbering sequence! Good luck on the auction Bud!

  4. Detective is awesome – I have spoken.

    No Phantom Lady #21 up tonight. That is a rare and terribly undervalued issue with a fabulous Matt Baker cover, in my entirely unbiased opinion.

    The publishes giveth for #356, and they taketh away for #357. I have tried not to do this, but I must take a pass. I don’t see anything that even warrants a mention.

    However Action can at least take the JOWA.

  5. The craziest and most sexy superhero of all is 1974’s Japanese manga heroine Kekko Kamen, whose costume consisted of mask, long gloves and boots… and absolutely nothing else. I won’t mention her biggest power but, if you can track down one of other mangas, you’ll see for yourself.

  6. Walter, since you asked…I did ok…my Phantom Lady #14-16, 19, 20, 22 collectively brought $4000 hammer + 20% buyers premium, so $4800. They ran from poor for one to fn+ for one. Two at vg-. Back in November, my #13 (extensive restoration, vg) 18 and 21 both vg-, brought $1650 hammer + premium. I had Heritage slab them all, given the market for these. Obviously I blew it on the poor copy one, but even then it might have paid off. If its in a slab anyway, a missing page doesn’t show…

    Never managed to find a #17 or 23 at an affordable price, after years of searching.

    Chris, PL #21 cgc vg- off white pgs hammered for $575, so plus premium brought about $690. Since #17 and 23 eluded me even back when issues were in my price range, my unofficial survey would make these more scarce or else always demanding a premium, like #17 might for its cover.

    Chris, as an analogy of sorts, I slowly discovered I was lacking a number of oddball issues in long run titles that I had collected for years, Big Shot is a good example…because I finally realized those holes in my run were Hitler/Tojo/Mussolini covers. Even back before prices on these got pushed up, they were probably more desirable, so sold faster and at higher prices, so I missed them, not placing any extra premium on them myself…after all, they’re not ALL that great. But certainly not my best decision!

    Then again, I suppose you might make a case that more of these went to paper drives, since these three madmen were seriously hated in those days. What patriotic Mom would think twice about throwing out Hitler covers!

  7. Bud, I am a relative newcomer to all of this, but those paper drive books are exactly what I am looking for. The scarcity distribution for the forties is really striking. Late 1942 through early 1944 is the place to be, while I am leery of anything from 1945. The crazier the cover the better. I like Big Shot #29 from November 1942 – only three in the CGC census – the first appearance of Captain Yank. Maybe Walt is familiar with that character?

  8. Holy Moley. Re: Kekko Kamen, a Google search turned up no mangas but it seems YouTube has some live action videos. Brave actresses, to spend an entire movie undressed like that. Weird stuff.

  9. Sounds like a good result Bud, I’d imagine they were hard to let go though… I do know the Fighting Yank character, have owned many over the years, they never sold back in the day but definitely have a strong demand now especially some of the better covers.

    I too checked out Kekko Kamen, weird ain’t the word.

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