Covered 365: Day 359

Incredible Hulk #359, Marvel Comics, September 1989. Artist: John Byrne.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Battle Royale from John Byrne on the cover of Hulk #359, it Thing coming or is he just gonna stand there and pose!

Ed Hannigan makes the fanboys hapy with his rogues gallery of Batman villains, notice there is no Batman on the cover! I wonder how many Batman and Detective covers don’t have Batman on them?

The issue is a classic and the cover is instantly recognizable for the key issue that it is but I don’t think Carmine Infantino’s cover to Detective Comics #359 is a classic onto itself.

I’m really liking the vibe and the tone Cary Nord is giving us on his Daredevil run, Daredevil #359 is another winner.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I can back all these covers. The Cary Nord has the look of a silk screen making me wonders their artistic background! I am curious about that Hulk cover that does carry the day… why on earth did the Hulk steal the Kingpins pants?

  2. i kinda prefer the no-Batman Batman villains cover, given your selection. Great retro logo on it.

    The Hulk seems pretty typical.

    I really appreciate the Daredevil, it’s very well designed but as you say, not Great with a capital G.

    You are probably right not to tap the Detective, even though its a classic with Batgirl. Almost looks like three stats pasted up from somewhere else. It works for what it is, its effective, but not great art.

    Speaking of stats…you know I love to segway…Roger Hill, in his Art of Mac Raboy, really goes into detail into how Mac’s assistants..he had as many as two at times… and then later Fawcett editors, after he left, used and reused stats of his classic Captain Marvel, Jr. poses, stuck to new backgrounds. It was a mini-industry there. Raboy was one of their slowest artists, but also one of their highest paid. And best.

    He did VERY well in his time there. Fawcett knew how powerful an appeal his work had to kids. Smart guys in charge there, back in the early to mid 1940s. Many of his Master Comics covers, starring CMJr, are true classics. His run from about #21-50 are in a class by themselves. Many wartime, anti-Nazi masterpieces.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Thanks to Walter for a very enjoyable year of great covers and discussions!! You’ve added to my enjoyment of opening my email, most days!

  3. Your right on those Master Comics Raboy covers Bud! While I am not necessarily a Fawcett collector, I have a white Master Comics with CMJr riding a torpedo that I have never been able to part with!

  4. I thought about that Batman but the art isn’t great and it’s a standing around cover. The DD is striking but not comic booky enough for me.

    Not seeing any standouts for #360, so I am going with the red foil Avengers cover. No I’m not. Actually it is Batman by a nose. A maybe too simple and hackneyed cover, but the skull overlay of the Batman logo did it for me. If not this, then the Simonson Thor. I really wanted to pick Captain America – I love underwater battle scenes – but this one, like The Squid cover a few days ago, is just too murky.

    Uncle Scrooge isn’t a great cover but it got the numbering right (except for leap years).

  5. I’m a big Raboy fan as well, my claim to fame is I once owned a restored Master Comics #21, back in the late 80s. Thanks for the kind words Bud, this was truly a great experience and I’m glad it connected with a few others.

  6. Whats really neat Walt, you could compile your 365 days of covers into a book. Maybe include the comments, and voila….another nugget off your bucket list. A book written by author W.D
    A forward including the genesis and the frustrations of the doing this effort would be interesting as well.

  7. The rights might be a legal nightmare but this could indeed be a very good book to go on a shelf with the Gerbers and such.

  8. I am all for a book as well… maybe a GoFundMe! Now seriously, how did the Hulk get the Kingpin’s pants?

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