Joe Shuster Awards 2014 Poster

The 2014 Joe Shuster Awards took place Saturday September 20th in Toronto. I previously posted the Harry Kremer Retailer Award winner but here is the full list with pictures and audio courtesy of Jamie Coville. Anthony Falcone, Ivan Kocmarek and myself presented awards and represented Comic Book Daily. Please click the links to see more details.

Ivan Kocmarek

Ivan Kocmarek presenting Edmond Good to Hall Of Fame.

Writer: Kurtis Wiebe – Rat Queens 1-3, Peter Panzerfaust 8-15, Dia De Los Muertos 3, “Lonesome” (Image)

Cartoonist: Zviane – les Deuxièmes (Pow Pow)

Artist: Fiona Staples – Saga 9-17 (Image)

Cover Artist: Julie Rocheleau

Webcomics Creator: Jayd Aït-Kaci (with Christina Strain) – The Fox Sister

The Dragon Award (Comics for Kids): Couette tomes 2 et 3 by Severin Gauthier and Minikim (Dargaud)

Gene Day Award (Self-Publishers): Steven Gilbert – The Journal of the Main Street Secret Lodge

Anthony Falcone presenting Harry Kremer Award to Scott VanderPloeg.

Scott VanderPloeg accepting Harry Kremer Award from Anthony Falcone on behalf of The Comicshop’s Ron Norton.

Harry Kremer Award (Retailers): The Comicshop (Vancouver, BC)

The T.M. Maple Award: Jim Burke (1956-1994) and Debra Jane Shelly (1974-2014)

Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame: Cy Bell (1904-197?),  Edmond Good (1910-1991), Ty Templeton (1962-)