Doc Dave Winiewicz Frazetta Collection Auction

On December 11th one of the largest Frank Frazetta collections will be auctioned off in Hollywood. Profiles In History is auctioning the collection of “Doc” Dave Winiewicz, a long-time collector and friend of Frazetta.

The Lion Queen by Frank Frazetta

The catalogue is available in print or PDF and deserves a look, if only for the sheer volume. It’s a real grab bag, from paintings to letters and prints, and not just Frazetta but a varied collection of other wonderful items.

Windblown by Frank Frazetta

Expect record prices for the rare and unseen, and maybe a deal or two on the other works.

Johnny Comet Sunday 4-10-1952 by Frank Frazetta

Here’s a short video from Winiewicz with some thoughts…

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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8 years ago

Funny. The two pieces you depict first are my favorite Frazettas. Couple beautiful Krenkels also. Gonna check out the preview in NYC.