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Where to Sell

In my last write up, I wrote about being more strategic with your purchases and not letting sentiment dictate your investment decisions. One of the things I discussed was understanding the value of a book. Buying a $100 book over…

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Heritage 2014 Feb 20-22 Comic Art Signature Auction

This week Heritage wrapped up its 2014 February 20 - 22 Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, covering a large array of classic covers and stunning artwork. A nice mix of silver age covers, modern classics and a range of strip art. The big winner was the cover to Action Comics issue 15 for $286,800.00, but these five pieces caught my eye.
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ComicLink January 2014 Focused Auction Original Art

ComicLink's January 2014 Focused Auction ended last week, with Session 4 offering original art. This was a low key offering, as ComicLink states "The Original Art offering of this auction focuses on more accessible material (check out the growing February preview for higher-end art) and includes visually exciting works by esteemed artists", basically saying the cheap stuff is this month and big ticket items will be next time around.
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