Heros The Spartan Episode 6 from Eagle Magazine Vol 13 #48, by Frank Bellamy, sold for $5,736. Source. This may seem like a lot of money for a comic most have never heard of, but for those in the know it’s highly sought work. Bellamy did some amazing colour work for Eagle Magazine, so some Canadians and Australians were exposed to this British work through imports. There was a great hardcover collection printed in England in 2013 and sold through Diamond in 2014.

Advantage Buyer. Wow, these are hot property. Rarely coming on the market, and two in two weeks from Heritage Auctions weekly Sunday Auction. They have a habit of selling a run of material weekly, but I checked this week and there’s no Heros page. The last page I was able to find was on eBay from January 2016, where it sold immediately for £6,000, which at the time was approximately $8850 USD.