A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last seven days.

The Dark Knight Returns statue art by Frank Miller. Source.

The Red Guardian by David Yardin. Source.

Rocket Raccoon by David Petersen. Source.

Spider-Woman cover by Jim Cheung. Source.

Murder In The House by Jakub Schikaneder. Source.

Zatanna by Evan Shaner. Source.

The Creep cover by Mike Mignola. Source.

Captain America versus Judge Dredd by Dan McDaid. Source.

Woman in White and Green Dress by Cameron Stewart. Source.

Skirting The Issue by Gil Elvgren. Source.

Silk Spectre issue two cover by Joshua Middleton. Source.

Witchblade issue 61 by John Tyler Christopher. Source.

The Treatment cover by Brian Bolland. Source.