A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last seven days.

Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan issue 2 variant cover by P. Craig Russell. Source.

The Scarlet Witch by P. Craig Russell. Source.

The Thing by Mike McKone. Source.

X-Men issue 167 splash by Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek. Source.

Fantastic Four by Ken Steacy. Source.

New Mutants Special issue 1 splash by Art Adams and Terry Austin. Source.

Judge Dredd by Sean Phillips. Source.

End Of The Way by Franklin Booth. Source.

Batman by Matthew Dow Smith. Source.

Namor by Mike Mignola. Source.

Havok and Polaris by Phil Noto. Source.

Marvel Tales cover by Frank Miller. Source.

CBLDF Libery Annual 2012 cover by Terry Dodson. Source.

Daredevil issue 191 page 1 by Frank Miller and Terry Austin. Source.