A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last seven days.

Stanley Kubrick by Ben Towle. Also looks EXACTLY like our own Walter Durajlija. Source.

Secret Avengers issue 35 cover by Art Adams. Source.

Spawn by Geof Darrow. Source.

Iron Man by Michael Cho. Source.

Occupy Comics cover by David Lloyd. Source.

America’s Women Get the Vote by Bernard Fuchs. Source.

Captain America issue 100 splash by Jack Kirby & Syd Shores. Source.

Captain America by Paolo Rivera. Source.

Bizarro by Jaime Hernandez. Source.

Doctor Doom by Alex Maleev. Source.

Retro Alien Love by Art Adams. Source.

Nick Fury by Jim Steranko. Source.

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Adam Hughes. Source.

Spider-Man by Tommy Lee Edwards. Source.

Elektra Saga issue 3 cover by Frank Miller. Source.

Blue Woman by Darwyn Cooke. Source.

Doctor Strange by Gene Colan. Source.

Amazing Spider-Man issue 699 cover by Paolo Rivera. Source.

Nick Fury Agent Of SHIELD issue 4 cover by Jim Steranko. Source.

Stag Magazine illustration by Mort Kunstler. Source.