Week 10: more free styling

My mind is all over the place this week so I thought it best if the splash pages were all over the place as well.

Yowzers! This splash from Hangman #3 is just nasty. Comics.org has Mort Leav and John Cassone as the artists but they don’t seem to be sure. I’m damn sure that this Splash made a splash when it hit the stands.

We lost a giant when Darwyne Cooke passed away. Here’s a splash from his New Frontiers #2: breathtaking.

The Covers 365 project made me a big fan of Bill Sienkiewicz. I knew he has splash pages that would impress as well. Stunning splash page from New Mutants #24.

I bought a McFarlane run of Spideys recently. Some great covers in the early part of the run and I especially like the cover to #312; the splash ain’t bad either.

I got to know George Freeman when we worked on a Captain Canuck project together back in 2015: a gentleman and a great artist. I love his unique style on display here in this early Canuck work, from Captain Canuck #6.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. The sheer horror of axis executions graphically depicted in comics undoubtedly inspired higher enlistment of young allied recruits to the cause of vanquishing the mindless masses led by the tyrannical eastern despots.

    How is that for a summation fit for a 40’s splash page?

  2. I assume very few were as concerned about comic violence during the start of the Second World War as they were about juvenile delinquency a decade later. We all have seen Air Fighters 2 with what was really a child, shooting a Japanese pilot… seems war atrocities were acceptable.
    I agree its very sad to have lost Darwin Cooke…his atomic age art style was great and a breath if fresh air during a time when I didn’t find a lot of the main comic artists interesting!
    The Captain Canuck is fun and am glad your presenting it in this forum as well! I know he special place in your heart Walt! Always like seeing what I have missed living in the states gere!

  3. Yes, the demonizing and dehumanizing of the enemy was in full effect early in the war and it seems the issues that pushed this to the limit are the ones in most demand.

    Thanks Gerald, we Canucks admire you Yanks a bunch too.

  4. Imagine if that Hangman splash were a cover, what the book would be worth – it’s like a mash-up of Crime Suspenstories #22 and Fight #31.

    I just bought the new printing of DC: The New Frontier Absolute after sitting on the fence for five years. I am moving through it slowly to appreciate Cooke. Terrible to have lost him but wonderful that he left this for everyone.

    I am not a fan of the Sienkiewicz or McFarlane. I started reading everything Sienkiewicz when he was doing a really great Neal Adams impression and Neal was pretty much out of it. When Bill switched to a sort-of Miller style, I just didn’t care for it much.

    The Canuck is fun but it is in line with why I didn’t buy the book when it first came out. Compare this art for Captain Canuck to Byrne’s Weapon Alpha/Guardian – it’s like Captain Marvel vs. Batman. As a kid I wanted more edge. Now that I’m not taking anything that seriously it’s easier to enjoy something in this style.

  5. I wish Freeman did more books. I was a big fan of his Captain Canuck work and anything else I could find.

  6. Nice catch Dave… I should have seen that as well as I have the complete Raymond Flash Gordon! I only knew about the Demon Kirby borrowed!

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