No April Fools prank from me today, just some good clean splashing around.

Oh and one other thing, I’m trying to keep Making a Splash a spur of the moment post, I want to try and feel the moment each time I start into one of these so there is a danger that I will be posting a few splash pages a second time! I plan to get the year done without one repeat but you know how plans often go?!

I’ll start off with one of the most famous splash paged of all time, Bob Kane’s splash for Detective Comics #35. This has that classic hypodermic needle cover but Batman packing on the first page provides a great one-two punch.

Gene Colan is ridiculously good. I love this two page splash from Tomb of Dracula #22, page 17 and 18; they remind me of the cover to Dracula #16.

Alex Toth anybody? Toth had so much range and while there are finer art examples from him – the year is young – I really love the fun he has with this Black Canary splash from Adventure Comics #491.

The next three images I stole from Ivan Kocmarek’s great post, right here on CBD, on the art of the WECA period.

Bert Bushell puts in the leg work and comes away with a fine “splashy” page for Rocket Comics Vol 5 #5.

Anybody that has read Ivan’s posts understands one way the Canadian got around the war embargo on comics was to redraw some of them, Anglo American did this to a few of their titles. Mary Marvel appeared in Wow Comics in the USA, the splash for her “Milk of Human Kindness” story from WOW #17 can be seen below, the picture just below this one (the one in black and white) is the Canadian redraw for the Mary Marvel story that was published in Spy Smasher Vol 2 #7.