Last week I put up five splash pages from the very early Copper Age circa 1980 and got called out for only putting up Marvel. This week I make amends by featuring some DC splash pages from the same era, I even threw in a Charlton and a Whitman (Gold Key).

I found the DC splashes from this era suffered the same bland and faded look as their Marvel counterparts did. The art was great, its just the colours and the washed-out look that takes a bit away from the art.

My favorite splash this week is by Arthur Geroche, its a nice sequence that appears in Elvira’s House of Mystery #1, from January 1986.

Last week commenter Chris noted how much he appreciated the filled-in backgrounds on the Marvel Team-Up #95 splash page, this Curt Swan splash from Superman #381 hives me that same good feeling, the extra details help the page a lot. From March 1983.

Bruce Patterson’s back up Huntress story in Wonder Woman #287 is really good all the way through, I had a few options here but decided to go with his strong splash page, from January 1982.

Mike Clark gives us a nice full page splash in All Star Squadron #54, from February 1986.

I thought I’d throw a Charlton into the mix, John Byrne, Byrne Robotics gives us a nice stylized splash in Doomsday #12, from May 1979.

I also threw in a Whitman. My thoughts are that the word bubbles and the letter fonts are too big on this page, I do like the art scene though. From Flash Gordon #36, artist Al McWilliams, February 1982.

That Elvira’s House of Mystery #1 was full of great splash pages, I thought I’d through in a bonus pin-up I found at the back of the issue. Rob Wagner.