There have been a lot of comic book properties that have been shown on the small screen, here are 5 of my favorites.  I left animated series off the list, just because they could make up a great list on their own.

#5: Greatest American Hero

OK, I know what you are thinking “That wasn’t a comic book!.  Well sure I guess, but it was a fun show to watch, plus had a theme song you still hear on 80’s radio.  Ralph Hinkley was given a super suit by aliens and he loses the owner’s manual, so he has to figure it out how it works by trial and error.  Assissting him on stopping crime is Maxwell (Robert Kulp) a FBI agent.

#4: The Incredible Hulk

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”  Who would of thought when Bill Bixby got angry he could turn into Lou Ferrigno.  When I was a kid, I thought the show was boring and couldn’t wait until the Hulk showed up.  It wasn’t until I got older I could appreciate Bill Bixby’s acting ability and it became one of my favorites.

#3: Wonder Woman

I have had a life-long crush on Lynda Carter.  To me, she is still the only actress who is truly Wonder Woman.  Season One was interesting for Wonder Woman, setting it during World War II was an innovative idea.  Season Two and Three take place during the present (well the 70’s).  Season Three started to shift away from Wonder Woman and focused more on Diana Prince.

#2: Smallville

Being on TV for 10 years, Smallville has been comics most successful and longest running television show.  Even with major changes to the cast, the show is still successful.  In my opinion, Tom Welling should have played Superman in the next movie.

#1: Batman

You had to see this one coming.  Batman is the best comic book TV show of all time.  How many Batman fans were first introduced to Batman because of this TV show?  In the 60’s, celebrities were lining up to make a cameo appearances on the show.  Only lasting three seasons, the show is still popular today.