Casey Parsons

This week comic book artist Casey Parsons drops by to chat about comics and what it’s like pursuing the goal of becoming a comic book artist.

Please let us know what you thought of the show.

Also, check out some Casey info below the audio link.

Instagram: @caseyarts77
Facebook: @caseyparsonsart

Humble beginnings; I drew all the time and loved comics, here when I was 16 yrs old I was making and printing and selling my own comic, “Q”. It was drawn comic-sized, and all about trying to draw like the image and marvel guys with a pretty shallow action story.

After getting the comic shop Comic 1 Books in Stoney Creek, I got back into comics, first doing this sample “Alien Sky” for FanExpo in 2014, story by David Scacchi. He ended up redoing the story and drawing his own book later. Not long after was the time doing Blood Moon with Marty Birthelmer. 

And some recent works; the local GTA group passion project Cauldron magazine and some variant covers I’ve done. I’ve done work for DC, Image, Aftershock, Sourcepoint Press and most recent for Scout comics. 

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

Articles: 1702


  1. Enjoyed the show! Makes me think you could do a bimonthly CBD Creators Corner as a show option!

  2. Really enjoyable show. I am not much for interviews of creators in general (“How did you come up for the idea for…?”), but this interview covered a lot of territory away from the usual stuff. I particularly liked the discussion of business models. I am obviously not a shopkeep but I like to think about the issues. Walt’s point about independent creators wasting time chatting up shopkeeps was along the lines of what I expected. What I didn’t expect was that Kickstarter was so successful as a different avenue. This is worth thinking about more – how do you create a synergy (hate that word) between the independents on Kickstarter and the bricks-and-mortar shopkeep? It sounds like Walt was almost as much in the dark about this side of things as I am. How do you use this to juice the bricks-and-mortar? Maybe for the more established guys, get them to do shop exclusives? It sounds like the scale for the Kickstarter stuff is much lower than that of the Marvels and DCs, so use the Kickstarter data to find indie stuff that is selling particularly well in your area, then get that team to do a small run exclusive for the shop. Will get some new people in and maybe get some of the old guys to take a look at this new hot property. I’m sure there are other ways to get a crossover that helps grow the community and everybody’s sales.

    My best to Casey, a really thoughtful and interesting guest.

  3. Thanks Gerald and Chris! Interviews online can sometimes be boring but we wanted to try something different. I think it’s something to dive into every once in a while. Then we can go back to Walt stealing the show again.

  4. Just a follow up… I like Chris M’s idea about highlighting start ups/fund me nows etc. it can’t be that unprofitable for the comics shop and could be s real boon for the creator!

  5. Gerald! Thank you for what I THINK is a complement… lol. I used to love the Smothers Brothers.

    Yeah I agree. I know that a lot if the more successful kickstarters have a retailer option to buy multiple copies at a discounted price.

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