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This week Chris tries to stump Walt on some comic book related tunes. Let’s see how Walt does.

Please excuse the sound at times, Chris had the speaker a bit too close to the mic.

Please let us know what you thought of the show in the comments below.

Also, how did you do on the test?

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I get that the audience here is older and that the nostalgia is thick and heavy like cream soup… but why not look forward for a change? Look at the new, young characters that the MCU is setting up. If comics are to survive beyond us old men, seems to me that the success of these new characters is kinda important. And from an investing perspective, these new characters have the potential to be the new SA foundation for a new generation of readers.

    I was recommending that buyers pick up books like the Kate Bishop Hawkeye #1 when it was readily available for $1. It may not be her first appearance, but how could you go wrong by paying $1 for her first solo title knowing there’s a Hawkeye TV show coming down the pike and a Young Avengers movie. Amadeus Cho, Riri… Miles, Gwen, Cindy Moon… of course. But also, new characters like the Starling, Ove, Thane. There’s so much happening that’s ignored by traditional collectors… but perhaps if they were introduced to some of these new things, they may acquire a taste…?

  2. You are right Charlie, the only problem is I’m not well versed enough in the new to sound even remotely intelligent or to give any helpful insights. Your comment is the type of thing that helps though.

  3. Don’t revisit wonder woman, just let those memories warm you in the cold, lonely hours on the morning…I rewatched and couldn’t make it past the first 10 minutes….unwatchable. But, and it’s a great but, Linda is still an absolutely stunning looking woman. Breath-takingly gorgeous and appreciation of her beauty is timeless, just the rest of the show is sooooo bad.

    That was a fantastic Rocky 2 impersonation Walt!!! I felt I was right there in the room with Creed!!!

  4. I got this Walt. Let me pinch hit for you.

    Wether you like it or not, speculation is very much a part of the hobby… and the publishers know this, which is why, each week you’ll find several key issues on the shelf, mostly in the form of 1st appearances. Also keep in mind that print is unofficially the R&D department for other mediums, mostly film, games and ultimately… merch.

    Rules of engagement:

    • Never pay above cover for new books. If you miss a hot book… stay calm. Let it go and wait for the next opportunity. Never let them see you sweat.
    • Only buy 9.8 potentials. Look at the corners, the spine and have the light glance off the surface which will help to reveal any imperfections on both the front and back surfaces.

    My recommendations from this past Wednesday:

    Star Wars Adventures #7 – 1st full appearance of the Crimson Corsair, who 1st briefly appeared in the Force Awakens adaptation, and of course, the film itself before that. I can’t be bother to look it up, but this being an IDW licensed, all ages title, I suspect the print will be low relative to the main Marvel productions. I know nothing about this character other than that his real name is Sidon Ithano, he is already an existing character in the Star Wars universe and appears to be a fan favourite among background characters. But mainly, he looks kinda cool. You’ll want cover B by Nick Brokenshire as it features a “hero” image of Crimson Corsair on the cover.
    Star Wars High Republic #7 – 1st appearance of Orla Jareni, Wayseeker and Darth Krall. A 3 in 1 bonanza, where Orla Jareni is a female Jedi Knight who uses a double bladed light sabre, which to me reeks of movie potential, if you consider social tends and how cool a double bladed sabre would look on film. Ideally, you’ll want the store variant, virgin set from Mutant Beaver Comics, which features the Jedi on the cover, but $60 + tax + shipping may be too much for most people. In which case cover A by Phil Noto is probably the way to go.

    Quick note about Star Wars:

    I’m not a Star Wars fan, but the franchise will outlive all of us and Disney is trying to build out it’s own line of characters as a way to severe ties completely with George Lucus (you can Google the details of the arrangement). People scoffed when a new book like Walking Dead #1 hit $10k, $15k… then $20k. But recently, Star Wars, The Clone Wars #1, Dave Filoni cover sold for $16k. Granted, it was the rare 1/1000 at a 9.8, but even the regular covers are selling for 4 figures. We saw Star Wars books go crazy during the Mandalorian and I suspect we’ll see more of that later this year during the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett in December, eventually leading to breaking records once the Ahsoka TV show hits. But it’s not just Star Wars, of course. Books like Ultimate Fallout #4 are bringing in crazy numbers, surpassing the 4-5 figure mark depending on it’s grade, cover or newsstand status. With traditional grails out of reach for people like me, modern keys are becoming a more robust playground for speculators.

    United States of Captain America #2 – 1st appearance of Nichelle Wright is my runner up pick due to being a female Captain America. I understand that white conservative males hate the thought of losing their status to women or minorities like me, but no matter what your political view, the world will continue to change, with or without us. So, instead of complaining about the Taskmaster having been gender bent, I think it’s more profitable to look ahead and realize that Marvel is still very much lacking when it comes to diversity and they’re looking to make up ground. Is Nichelle Wright the answer… I have no idea, but it is the direction that the wind is blowing in.

    I know what you’re thinking… “Hey doofus. I better not lose my $5 bucks on your recommendations.” Be patient my friends. Time and the law of averages has a way of making things right.

    Time – As long as you focus on rare(er) key books, over time the market has a tendency to gravitate toward these kinds of books. If you believe in comics, you must then also recognize the long term effects of time.

    Law of Averages – If you don’t have time, then consider this… All you need is 1 home run for every 10 books or so. $5 x 10 books = $50. One hits and begins to climb on eBay, selling for about $15. At this point, it’s worth getting the book graded for a total cost/fees $50. Flip for $100… ta-da, even Steven… and, you had fun to boot.

    I understand that some of us want immediate gratification. But I submit to you that a slow, methodical rise to glory can be more satisfying. We knew Kang was coming years ago. It takes time for film and TV shows to play out. And now that Kang has officially arrived… you can now reap the rewards. But Loki was just foreplay. The real Kang climax is yet to come. Hold on to your Kang a bit longer if you can.

  5. Back to Stump the Chump… Chris… you let us off easy this time! Hope your feeling well….

  6. Charlie that was an excellent comment, well presented and full of juicy info, thanks. Its like you should write a regular column or something!!

    Thanks Spider, I was channeling Duke as best I could. Also, I’ll take your advice on the Wonder Woman, I recently watched an old episode of Kung Fu and though not as back as Happy Days I could have used the time more wisely.

  7. I’m feeling unappreciated Gerald. Would it help if I mentioned that all books featured can be purchased at Big B Comics in Hamilton, while supplies last? But don’t mention my name… otherwise you may get the side eye from the association.

  8. Gerald! I will make sure the next one is a little tougher. I tried to play to my immediate audience of Walt… so I can only do so much….

  9. The news is starting to circulate… and I think Grace Randolph has the best explanation:

    Having been shafted by large corporations myself, over far less money of course… I will alway side with humanity over a legal machine that is the corporation, who’s primary programming is to rake in profits at any cost. I appreciate Grace Randolphs nuance presentation but at the end of the day, my black and white perspective simplifies the issue to it’s bare essence.

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