Looking Ahead At 2021

This week Chris and I look ahead to 2021, we get out the crystal ball and try to see what this year holds for comic book collecting, local comic shops, comic book conventions. Will the back issue market stay hot? Will we go back to the movies? Chris and Walt know.

Please let us know what you thought of the show and please feel free to add to any of the topics we discussed.

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Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Another great show in the business if comics! I wonder tho… if the old fuddy duddies are collecting Green Lantern and the Punisher… whats that make me… in the Crypt Keeper category?? I was also wondering… if the newer generation of collectors is going for the last two decades if comics… does that mean less competition for old Crypters like me?

  2. Can we please change Chris’s signature and tag to Chris ‘talball” Owens

    In seriousness, great commentary regarding how new collectors behave, usually their limited ability to buy expensive golden era comics and therefore they do not have the chance to form emotional connections to those older comic characters. This is why Venom, Carnage, Deadpool et al. are so big and are a intergral part of our future.

  3. Gerald, I was going to try to make some sort of joke about not being the Crypt Keeper, but maybe a kid from Hogan’s Alley or Little Nemo. But I couldn’t get the joke right, so let’s just keep it at Crypt Keeper. (I’m not sure if that comment shows you how nerdy I am or ‘cool’. Probably the first one). Let’s hope there is less competition for those Golden Age books!

    Spider, such a great point. I remember years ago, being at a comic shop and overhearing a kid say, “Slingers is my favourite comic”. I rolled my eyes and the time, but then realized that this kid may not have had the chance to dive into other characters yet, and Slingers was at around issue 4, so he was there from the ground up. So why couldn’t this be his favourite, and I certainly had no right to judge seeing as I started with Richie Rich and Hot Stuff.


  4. I say guys… great show. It’s really nice to have you back in my ears!

    Since losing my day job at the end of 2020, I actually launched a mildly provocative Kickstarter campaign myself, in the hopes of generating some income (doing what I love) in 21. It’s an optimistic target for sure… but I wanted to see if there was much of an appetite for crowd-funded amateur content in the current climate.

    It’s difficult to acquire the audience’s trust unless you’re proven & you can’t prove anything without a first chance to do so. Tricky one.

    The campaign itself is about shifting & optimising comic culture towards rich content & streaming as the primary endeavour, while preserving the collectable element with printed product that’s composed from the motion assets.

    I think a shift like that might just preserve the printed, collectable model while also pushing things forward, as I believe they deserve to be. A simple guided-view of the printed option on my phone isn’t really good enough anymore – in my opinion.

    I think it’s possible to make progress in the creation & distribution of comics & I think it’s advisable to employ comic shops as the main protagonist in that effort… somehow.

    I think the debate around; how this might impact comic culture & why it’s important to challenge culture in general is compelling. I think it’s a challenging conversation to have at the very least.

    I’d love to have this debate with you guys over a can of cola & some moody tunes.

    Go well.

    You can find the campaign here: http://kck.st/3rWmCUk

  5. Danny, always pushing boundaries and testing fences, good on you old chap. I will check out the kickstarter, thanks.

    I talked to Chris and he says he only uses cola to add a little color into his drink, so if you can live with that we’re in for the debate too.

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