Please Forgive Me Sweetheart

Chris and Walt pulled the classic bone head move and forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so they are posting the Valentine’s show a couple of day’s late.

At the beginning the discussion is around Romance Comics and how cool a genre it is. Then the boys get into the reading of the poems, listen if you dare. As a bonus the boys get a call from their world famous producer, Shekky Feldstein.

Please leave your thoughts down in the comments field.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Thankfully, having listened to the past Valentines shows, I practiced facial wincing in preparation for the poetry(?) I was about to hear… and the exercise was not in vain!
    While I credit Walt to my interest in the Romance genre it is not my first foray into it. Back in the late 80’s when Eclipse was reprinting older genres, I appropriated a panel from one of its romance issues to make the announcement for my wedding!
    While I lump my romance in with my Archies and girl humor issues… I agree they are not the same although as you point out a character like Patsy Walker morphed from humor to romance( and now beyond)! I would love Walt doing a column on great romance covers! I am sure it would spurn me to accumulate more issues! Fun show! Stay healthy!

  2. As one of at least two listeners, I must say I was brought to tears by what you did with the English (loyalist) language.

    Also, you guys give away your ages by how quickly a discussion of romance comics leads a discussion of bondage covers. I’m not replaying this one for my daughters.

    Walter is to blame for turning me to the dark side, leading me to embrace romance covers, and lightening my wallet. I would be even more heavily into it, but as pointed out, it is really hard to find the best issues in grade. At this point, with the state of the market as it is, I am going to get more aggressive in this genre. I gave up on a run at Heart Throbs #120 a couple of years ago and I regret this.

    As far as your “best covers” post goes I’m not giving you any more ideas, because I’d prefer these not be publicized until I have them in hand. So Walt, be a pal and do something like “best Marvel direct sale diamond price label covers” instead – this will give me some breathing room and help clean out the warehouse at the same time.

    I will point out one that I do have in hand – if you like the mother/daughter theme, you’ll love the father/son theme of Girls’ Love Stories #157.

  3. Whoa! They made the son look like Harry Reems! Don’t worry Meli… you and I wouldn’t go for the same Romance books… your looking for those 9+ books where as 6.0 is fine with me!

  4. When Shekky is sent to a secret location with attack dogs!!!

    Shekky, the previous President of the United States whilst discussing the complexities of international diplomacy once said ‘some call it the backdoor, I call it the smart door’. Words of wisdom from the oracle!!

  5. Twas the night before auction and all through the shop
    Walter was readying some big piles to drop
    With Micronauts, Moon Knights and Ka-Zars galore
    With Star Wars and Batman and mis-stapled Thor

    Spider’s wee avatar is a little red seat
    While Tim reads his free Whites, a gift from big Pete
    Bud and Jeff’s posts are reminiscing of olde
    And Chris Meli’s ‘covers’ will never be told

    And I whipped up this ditty off the top of my head
    Where used to be hair lies a bald head instead
    And this little poem for the Valentine post
    Is by Klaus who sits there with a raised hand in toast.

    Cheers to all.

  6. Klaus!! Forget Shekky, we’ll have you call in next year, beautifully done, finger snap, finger snap, finger snap…

    Looks like it’s just me an you going after the those 9 out of 10s Meli, Gerald is happy with a 6.

  7. Klaus!! Next year for sure you have to contribute. Your poem was great!

    Gerald,. Harry Reems… not sure I have any comment about that.

    Maybe next year we can involve more into a call in show.

  8. Walt, just call me Mr. Midgrade! Chris O…. I tried to think of a mustached male ‘romantic’ lead from the 15 cent era and just didn’t think Burt Reynolds would share with his dad!

  9. Thanks for the insights, Spider!

    And then just like that, Shekky is already booted from next year’s show it would seem. It definitely doesn’t surprise me at all. If not my dignity, at least I left with my bratwurst intact…

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