The Reluctant Investor

This week Chris and Walt talk about old time collectors who now find themselves having to think seriously about the value of their collections, no joke, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

We messed up and were supposed to put this show up last week, thus you’ll hear us saluting St. Patrick’s Day, pardon the tardiness.

As always please let us know what you thought of the show down in the comments section below, please keep it clean and please keep it civil.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
3 years ago

Well, you have got to be singling me out! I am one of those 40 plus year collectors but I do take care of my collection, rebagging every few years. Over the past couple years you and your listeners have convinced me to turn in the direction of CGC as I realize my collection has increased in its worth over time and there is a lot of books I know longer feel comfortable in thumbing through any longer ( not that I was whipping open pages willy nilly)! Chris also hit on something that I have thought about as well… what happens to the collection if I suddenly drop dead? By the way Walt… if you suddenly get a call from a woman near Albany New York about what to do with her late husbands comic collection then you will know I won’t be commenting any more! As one of those old collectors I will simply have to come to terms that I have more then just a collection! Great show as always and I hope the Irish was as good as the Scotch I’ll have later!

3 years ago

This could be renamed “The Spider Show’…it’s basically me,me,me.

I am that guy in the 90’s, who jumped in and bought some nice stuff, then put them away for 25 years and then found out what had happened in the past 20 years! Suddenly that $3 I spent on Tomb Of Dracula #10…is worth…well….Walt said he’d give me DOUBLE for it

How I’ve evolved in only 6 months:

I’ve discovered mylar bags! I now bag everything in Mylar that I buy and all my back issues worth more than $50, eventually everything will be in these (my collection is to be concise, I imagine it will stop at 1500).

It’s become evident that even your $1 comics need to be treated carefully: West Coast Avengers #45, X-men Vol2 #4, Daredevil #270 and X-Men Annual #14 are just 3 examples of $2 comics that have exploded in price.

Speculation: as per the podcast; it is impossible to be a pure collector anymore, the speculation boom has been so impactful that it alters my behavior, as an example: I’m running around frantically trying to finish my X-men Claremont run, motivated to locate that #102 with Storm’s origins…because if they use her in a Disney/MCU X-men show (A strong, black woman leading the team, talk about zeitgeist) then that comic will triple in price just on the swirl of a hint of a rumor! It also stops me beginning to buy runs, would I ever bother to start an Eternals run? now is not the time to dip my toe into Kirby’s work!

Financial considerations: I’ve started buying investment pieces to offset my collecting costs, I tried finding a trustworthy partner but having no luck out I instead have settled into a dubious relationship with Walter (kidding, he has been amazing and here’s to many successful sales! It’s been fun educational…and possible very profitable)

another great post Walt & Chris, I literally laugh out loud as I walk the streets listening to this!!!

3 years ago

Just to keep track of how NFTs are evolving…