Against the Grain

Toys have been doing really well for us online, the thing with toys is you have to hold a lot of stock and a lot of stock takes up a lot of space. I’m glad we got that warehouse a few months back, have a look at the processing table that’s at the back of Big B Comics on Upper James, yikes, that’s the table we process the weekly comic orders. Those boxes have to go and they have to be gone before the new book processing day which is Tuesday, Looks like my Ford F150 will have a few loads to run over to the warehouse.

Our warehouse is about 15 minutes door to door from the shop and on a route where there is little traffic if you pick your times. We’re still trying to define this fact properly and use it wisely but for now, we seem to be doing knee-jerk reactive work with regards to product flow between the two sites. Always room for improvement I guess.

Shunting boxes over to the warehouse can be tough work and a guy can work up a good appetite and an even better thirst getting all those boxes safely across. Luckily the warehouse fridge is up to the challenge, as you can see there is some cheese, Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar and Monterey Jack are in that tray, the garlic Kielbasa is in there too and some other dried sausage I forget the name of. There is a big bag of coffee in case it’s an early morning move and the beer on hand this week is Canadian and Dutch. For emergencies, we even keep a little hooch in the cupboard, for emergencies.

We had another great week of eBay auctions, I believe we set a couple of new price records again this week including a whopping $1270 for a CGC 3.5 Amazing Spider-Man #6, the book blew past the last sale by over 20%.

The book I’d like to feature this week is this gorgeous copy of Teen Titans #21 graded at CGC 9.4 with White pages, a tight, clean copy with a strong cover full of colour and gloss. It sold for $239.39 on our eBay auction and I think the buyer stole it. High-grade 1960s DCs like this deliver scarcity and collectability at bargain prices compared to the crazy run happening to the Marvels right now. Advantage Buyer.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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3 years ago

Heading to the warehouse
With boxes filled with toys
Comic auctions doing great
Let’s make a little noise, YAY!

And when we reach the warehouse
Just a little past the ridge
We’ll satisfy our yearn and thirst
With the contents of that fridge, YAY!

And if we don’t get back today
No one takes the blames
Too full from cheese, salami, beer
To return to Upper James, YAY!

Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
3 years ago

I was watching that Spidey as I own a lower grade copy myself…nice! My curiosity however is peeked not by the comics as much as the Proper 12 that you and Chris have been quaffing of late!

3 years ago

I think now, whilst everyone is drinking liquor and eating cheese, is a great time to sit back and revisit the year of 2014 and the brilliance that is Walter: The Falcon. His call from 7 years back borders on prescience, foresight or haruspication (the lack of badgers around BigB is concerning) and still rings true today:

Still cheap and still undervalued by all the spruickers on the interwebs etc

Well done Walt, great pick! (let me know if your ego inflates too much, I can bring you down to ground with the disastrous pick of Web of Spider-man #18)