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Against the Grain

Toys have been doing really well for us online, the thing with toys is you have to hold a lot of stock and a lot of stock takes up a lot of space. I’m glad we got that warehouse a…

Jacking Up The Price

When it comes to action figures, there are popular figures and there are "highly sought after figures". And most times, the popular figures are not the ones that die-hard collector's want. We want the hard to find and obscure characters.

Burlington Toy Show – January 2014

This edition of the Burlington Toy Show returned to its roots and was a "straight-up" toy show. Previous editions of the Burlington Toy Show have had celebrities and special guests, but this show was all about the toys.

Toys: Movie Spoilers or Bonus Feature?

When it comes to comic book movie blockbusters, do you try to find all the news and secrets about the movie before it's released? Or do you want to be completely surprised by the outcome? If you want to be surprised, you better avoid the toy aisle at your local toy store.

Canadian ToyCon – November 2013 Show

The latest edition of the Canadian ToyCon took place recently on November 3rd, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. This show returned to its roots of being a straight up toy show. Without special guests at this show, the focus was on the toys, and there was a lot of selection.

Customizing Action Figures

Over the last couple of years, action figures have been getting better and better.  But as the Rolling Stones said “you can’t always get what you want.”  So when there is a toy that you want, that isn’t available, you…

Pet Peeves of Collecting

I collect stuff.  A lot of stuff.  Between my comic books, action figures, DVDs, CDs and video games.  I have a lot of stuff. Having this much stuff doesn’t lead to every day being a “shiny happy day”.  There are…

Burlington Toy Con – Summer Edition

Many toy collectors know about the Burlington Toy Show, which is now known as the Burlington Toy Con. This has been a spectacular show to find the action figures and toys you just need to get.

Coming Soon To A Toy Aisle Near You

This is the best time of year! Finally the drudgery of the winter is starting to fade.  The barren toy aisles that were stripped of their wares since the holidays are starting to fill.  Yes folks, it’s new action figure…

The Road Trip

Ahhh… the majesty of the open road. Music carefully selected for a mix CD. Four friends piled into a pick up truck, barrelling down the highway at 110KM/h heading for the big city. Yes my friends I am talking about…

80’s Toy Expo (and TFCon)

This past Sunday, I (and a couple CBD’ers) went to the 80’s Toy Expo in Mississauga.  It was held in conjuction with TFcon (Canada’s Annual Transformer Convention), and it was a very busy convention. Some of the special guests included…


Much like Ed and Scott did this week, I’m kind of going off the beaten path of my regular comic book subjects… ok, I know I’ve spoken about pro wrestling a few times in here but that doesn’t count because…

This month in Previews

Welcome to This Month in Previews where we take a look at the catalogue that all comic book stores order from and pick out the cool stuff we want and by extension you should want! David’s picks: Free Comic Book…