These Things Just Don’t Come Around

This show is actually from a few weeks back and I had this nagging feeling we posted it but I just checked the shows back into the spring and we should be good to go. Because we recorded a few weeks back at moments we may sound a bit behind the times but I really like the core premise of the show which is about knowing when not to walk away from something, when to just shut up and pony up.

Please let us know what you thought of the show.

Have you ever walked away not buying something and it bugged you on the ride home and it even bugs you to this day?

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Well… I have had dealers give me 5-10 dollars off at shows… but its at stores I have had my greatest deals! 20 years ago when I frequented conics stores far more then I do now, we had teo different stores that did an annual half pruce sale on everything! Thats how I got my Uncanny XMen 94 for $45… same price for my Strange Takes 110…and of course way back when I got an Adventure Comics 43 for $70… twenty dollars off the asking price… and Captain America 74 Golden age natch)… would you believe… for $14! I could go on… but I have had my fair share of deals! I also agree with Walt… ask about what may not be on display… did that a couple years ago and got a couple of nice Golden age Romance comics… one an L. B. Cole… and the dealer gave me 10 bucks off!

  2. As one of the five listeners I’d better comment.

    I am so single-minded than when you started talking about the backstage mooches, the first picture in my mind was the cover of Batman #87.
    Chris said he would wait on NYCC. I would wait indefinitely. I’ve been there twice and have no desire to go back if it’s in its present state. Of course Chris likes to wait in line for artists, and in that case it can’t be beat. For comic collectors it is not worth the hassle. Maybe the Big Apple Con is better.
    I kept all of those Fireside trades in good condition. Why are those interesting? Yes nostalgic but otherwise just inferior reprints.
    I agree 100% on the idea of not passing by something you won’t see again. As a dealer you get to see a lot, but even many of those modern age books in the long boxes you won’t see at a comic shop. You turned me on to All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1 and then I found one at the Baltimore con for a few bucks, the rest is history. If you say to yourself, “haven’t seen that one around,” and you like it, passing it by at a reasonable price is not the way, particularly in today’s market.
    I don’t understand the “what else do you got?” situation. Why are guys hiding their inventory? I guess maybe because they haven’t decided how to price it yet? I feel bad asking this mainly because I am so unlikely to buy anything expensive at a con. Sometimes guys haul out boxes for me, and I feel bad walking away – but most raw stuff I see is in pretty awful condition, and most graded stuff at cons is overpriced.

  3. Great snags Gerald and I like that you ask what else the guy has, you never know!

    Chris, dealers are there for the abuse, give it to them freely. Most often its stuff the guy hasn’t priced up yet because he way lying under the display table for a few hours that day. Glad you see my point in relying on your instincts for grabbing that stuff you just know should be grabbed, I once passes on a 9.4/9.6 raw Spider-Man Treasury – the 1st one, the red one, just because I didn’t want to carry it around!!

    Also, Chris I googles Batman #87, exactly like that!

  4. Chris Meli, as audience member #2 of 5 I too found it a great listen. And when Chris tells his story and I knew the punchline I really felt like a part of the community/Big D Family.

    Meli, that Batman #87 is an awesome highlight! The ole bats can handle poison ivy and catwoman but Magda – the toast of two continents – has him cornered!!!

  5. YES!!! Spider-man has finally toppled that lame poseur Superman! The only mystery is why it has taken so long for such a well-crafted character to knock off a book that looks like it was drawn by a ten year old. Face front True Believers!

    mel taylor RFO, KOF

  6. I passed on a Big All American Comicbook for $50. back in 1969. I’ve kicked myself ever since as I’ve never seen another one come up for sale within my budget. Arrrrggghh!

  7. Hey!- I’m a listener too ! What number am I- number 6 ?? Can we get badges with our numbers on them ??? That’d be cool ! Membership badges !!!

  8. With only 6 of us at least we know that membership is only for the intelligentsia of the collecting community. Walt and Chris truly have collected the cream of the crop!

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