Who Will Our Kids Like

This week Chris and Walt tackle the tough question of which superheroes will be in favour a generation from now, and which issues are best to scoop up.

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Who will the heroes of the future be?

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. I haven’t listened yet but I have a data point for you. My son likes the bruisers. Bane #1, Kingpin #2, Lobo #3, Solomon Grundy #4. I have been watching for a Vengeance of Bane at less than $500 for some time now because of this, but so far no hits – maybe I am being too cheap?

  2. My son likes Superboy. Oh wait, I don’t have a son.
    But my point is: Why do they mess with iconic characters and constantly try to make them resonate with the latest generation and muck up the history of the original characters?
    Let Super-heroes have relationships, procreate and then their offspring have Super-hero lives that future comic collectors and readers relate to.
    Superboy is still relevant to me.

  3. Characters who have evolved into “Families” over the last 60 to 80 years have jumped the shark a while back. Superman jumped in the 1990s. Jon Kent might still have a chance to revitalize the concept. Damian Wayne seems certainly a more compelling character right now than Bruce Wayne.
    Spider-Man who has become swamped by his “Family” of alternate Spideys and has jumped because of over-saturation since the 90s. The Fantastic Four have been dead in the water since the end of the Lee/Kirby run of 102 issues + 6 annuals.
    Death-Defying Devil, Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt or Peacemaker all came back from the dead but won’t be popular much past this generation.
    Vigilantes will always remain more popular than Heroes.

  4. Really thunderbolt? Fantastic Four “dead in the water” since #102?! Can you say Waid and Wieringo? Or MIllar and Hitch? Or Hickman and Epting? Or Robinson and Kirk? Or even, more recently Slott and Silva (beautiful work!)? But, dead in the water? Never let it be said!

  5. After issues FF #1 to 70, Id take FF Story arcs from issues 110 to 200 any day of the week, Those John Buscema, Rich Buckler and Perez periods , were the best. Including the 5 Giant sized issues
    FF 93 and 94 being a wonderful exception to all late Kirby/Lee stuff

  6. Superman ushered in the comic industry in a big way,
    Superman ushered in the real cinematic Universe, followed by Batman, Xmen, Spiderman and the rest.
    Give the guy his due.
    He hasn’t waned like Popeye, Westerns, Tarzan, Disney Characters et al

  7. We all lived through the 90’s, honestly, it felt like the death of the hobby, yet here we are! Comics will survive. A wise man once said ‘never bet against comics’ – he’s correct, historically they’ve always come out on top.

    As far as Superman – as most of you are aware: I am a little younger and considerably more handsome than most of the crowd here…and in the online auctions that the new generation of collectors prefer, let me tell ya….Superman is dead…if the books are ever put up it’s just deathly silence from the audience, almost embarrassing. Despite that I still think we’re Henry Cavill and a decent script away from a come back though! Fans are a fickle bunch!

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