Walking Dead #1, Image Comics, October 2003, Graded CGC 9.8 with White pages sold for $3,000 on eBay recently.

I can’t believe the legs this book has. I’ve counted Walking Dead #1 out after it went past $1,000 – I flipped every copy I got. I’ve counted Walking Dead #1 out past $2,000 – I flipped every copy I got. Well Walking Dead is now selling in the $3,000 range and I don’t know what to think – not to mention no copies are coming my way anymore.

This has to be the sign of a healthy market for recent keys which has to mean lots and lots of new buyers are coming into the market.

Can we use Walking Dead #1 as a barometer  of sorts for the back issue market? It’s a pretty task specific book, not like say New Mutants #98 or Amazing Spider-Man #300, which both point to some superhero affinity.

I’d like to think Walking Dead #1 buyers will participate en masse but I’m not so sure.

As for this Walking Dead #1 sale? Surely it’s reached its limit.

Advantage Seller.