Booster Gold #1, DC Comics, February 1986, Graded CGC 9.8 with White pages sold for $371 on eBay recently.

I was vaguely aware that there was a market for Canadian price variants from the 1982 to 1986 period where Marvel and DC printed the bulk of the issues showing the US/CDN/UK pricing while running a separate batch just for the Canadian market.

My pal Jay is well versed in these things and I was amazed at the price difference when he pointed out this sale.

Regular pricing covers are selling for less than half this result, one fetched $190 on April 12th while the one before that only got $144 on March 24th.

This is an area where I’m obviously out of tune with the market. My predictions on the coming correction to the prices that the 35 cent price variant Star Wars #1 has been getting continue to be dismally wrong. I’m obviously wrong here as well because Jay tells me this is a very active segment of the market.

So the book is the same, just the small window with the price differs a bit. I’m seeing the market looking for value in the wrong places with trends like these.

Advantage Seller.