Fox News Discovers the Joys of Comic Book Collecting*

(*Still probably hate Barack Obama.)

Even though the guy reporting sounds like he’s chewing tobacco and/or a 1950s gangster in a b-movie, it’s a pretty interesting segment.

Here’s the write up:

ST. CHARLES, MO ( – Comic books are no laughing matter when it comes to their value. Mound City Auctions had a field day with a comic book stash found in the basement of a home in Arnold, MO. The entire house sold for $65,000. The comic books found inside will go for an estimated $1 million.

Roy Delic, a comic book collector from Canada, says, “Some of the biggest collections that have been found in the past 50- or 60-years have been found unexpectedly.”

As was this stash, found by a cousin who inherited the house. Delic of Toronto, Ontario paid top dollar for a first-edition copy of “X-Men.”

“It started out in the $30-$60,000 dollar range and very quickly worked up to $101,000 where it finally ended.”

Bidders and their agents drooled at the very site of the rare pieces of illustrated story lines.

Celebrity bidders typed in their offers on the internet. Much of this activity is mysterious with bidders wishing to remain anonymous for one reason or another. It was obvious, however, that this is a good ‘ol boy activity.

Comic book fan Shannon Hartmann says, “I like the art and the stories. But, it is a man’s world.”

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