Yours for a cool $1000

After a long and hard fought Free Comic Book Day I went out and enjoyed the new Avengers movie at the local cinema. I was told to stay through the credits for a pleasant surprise so I did. To my delight I saw Thanos, all majestic atop an asteroid formulating Earth’s demise.

On my way home it occurred to me, because I am so on the ball, that Iron Man #55 would be a natural next pick for my Undervalued Spotlight. Not only did Iron Man #55, a Bronze Age key with a rich and storied history as a collectible, introduce us to Thanos it also introduced us to Drax the Destroyer, Mentor, Eros and Kronos. I could see Drax and company also making a cameo in Avengers 2.

I started writing the spotlight, diligently digging into facts and adding my own personal insights to a book I’ve sold many of over the years. While doing the research it hit me that this book doesn’t belong as an Undervalued Spotlight piece, though of course at it’s current Overstreet Price Guide levels it is undervalued, this book is a natural feature for my next Market Trends post and here’s why.

In the span of one week the market for this book has exploded. All thanks to that little one minute scene near the end of the credits of the Avengers movie.

CGC graded 9.6 copies held a 2011 sales average over 9 sales of $724, while the last 12 month average over 8 sales saw an $857 average. The last sale in April 30th 2012, after the movie opened, was a whopping $1,424. Compare that to the CGC 9.6 that got $800 just 2 months ago. We’ve seen a 78% increase in the market value of this book when comparing the last two recorded sales as of this post.

CGC graded 9.4 copies were in 2011 averaging $464 on 11 tracked sales, it’s 12 month average shows a little better at $525 on 16 sales while the 90 day average is $593 on 6 sales. But the latest sale posted on May 4th saw the book earn a healthy $700.

It’s even crazier over at CGC 9.2. The 2011 average over 13 sales was $322, the 12 moths average over 13 sales is $379, while the last recorded sale on May 6th 2012 was $877, insane! This May 6th CGC 9.2 sale eclipsed the May 4th 9.4 sale. What would a May 10th 9.6 sale get?

Today May 8th I saw a CGC 9.2 copy posted on eBay with a $999.99 Buy It Now price! Will someone bite?

I’m telling you there’s enough money in this racket to invest in a little insider trading. I’m going to find a pen pal at Disney who will feed me what little tidbit scenes lie in wait in the next Iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies. Freedom 55 here we come!!

Is this a market overreaction to a tantalizing reveal in a hugely successful movie? Time will tell.