In a Variety article this morning I read that Robert Downey Jr., who in my view is the principle star of the Avengers, is the only one of the core cast whose contract with Disney does not reach the inevitable Avengers 2. His four picture deal with Disney runs out with Iron Man 3 while his Avengers co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner have all signed deals that have them under contract for Avengers 2 and beyond. Samuel L. Jackson has actually signed a nine picture deal with Disney (that’s good because it means he’ll be popping into the next round of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and hopefully the upcoming Ant Man).

So Robert Downey Jr. is quite possibly the most wanted man in the world right now. He is in a very powerful position and can pretty well negotiate his terms. But what if he says no? What if he says, I’ve had it with this stuff! I’m out! I want to act on Broadway!

Could someone else play Iron Man?

It’s my opinion only but I think Robert Downey Jr. is the least replaceable of all the actors tied to a superhero/comic character (save perhaps Arnold as Conan).

There have been umpteen Batmans, Spidey is on to his second actor, Hulk his 3rd (and I thought he was the best so far) so changing actors that play the superheroes is nothing new and it can be done successfully.

Can Avengers 2 have success with a new actor as Iron Man?

Who could be the next Iron Man if Robert Downey Jr. says no?