Today on Overvalued Overstreet we are traveling back in time, to my first post for Comic Book Daily – Undervalued Spotlight #145, January 2013. That post was about two books I felt were undervalued by the market and Overstreet – Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 and Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special (Annual) #9. Both of these books have done squat in terms of price appreciation in the past four years since I wrote this post. Dead money. I confess I still like both of these books – a lot.

My biggest beef in the post was actually directed at three books, Amazing Spider-Man #116-118. These books will be the centre of attention for todays post. First a quick look at the 43rd and 47th Overstreet Price guide prices for today’s books.

8.0 9.0 9.2
43rd Overstreet Amazing Spider-Man 103-118 $48 $79 $110
47th Overstreet Amazing Spider-Man 103-118 $41 $78 $110

As you can see the prices listed are for Amazing Spider-Man #103-118. Our Overvalued candidates for today issue #116-118 are lumped together with these other Spider-Man issues. I think Overstreet is wrong here, but before we get to that I should note that the prices here are flat to reducing in the lower grades. Prices that remain flat in Overstreet usually mean the books can be had for less than guide. They often go for less than guide at auction. Dealers will stubbornly stick to guide and then sell them at discounts during “special in-store” sales. The fact Overstreet is even reducing prices tell me these books are pretty quiet.

In the case of issues #116-118 I feel they should culled out of this grouping and reduced in price even further as reprinted material. This storyline was originally printed in Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 a black and white magazine. These issues add color, deleted all the scenes with Captain George Stacy in them (he died in Amazing Spider-Man #90) from the original magazine story, and finally used a character – Richard Raleigh as the Disruptor who was apparently killed in Daredevil #42 with no explanation. These reprints have the same value as original material in issues #103-115 that precedes it. Why? There are some good books in that #103-115 run. Amazing Spider-Man #109 with Doctor Strange being my own favourite, and there are others as well. I know other cases like Conan #16 exist and it they were treated like original material as well. Again why?

My own guess is that Overstreet treats these books like “run” books and wherever one of these books lands it is priced like it’s surroundings. Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #9 is priced like a reprint because it lands in a group of reprints. Amazing Spider-Man #116-118 is treated like original material because it landed in current continuity. I don’t like it and don’t think it is fair but I don’t believe Overstreet will change these books prices.

One final note. Amazing Spider-Man King Size Special #9 does give me hope that it will break out someday. A 9.6 went for $850 on Tuesday’s ComicLink summer auction. Annual #8 (ASM #46 1st Shocker) same grade 9.6 went for $355. There is still hope for my first adventure into writing yet ^-^!!

I am going to give Tony Stark a call and see if I can borrow a very heavy suit of armour for my next Overvalued Overstreet post. Back in two weeks.