Comic books, and my deep passion for the medium, seem to by cyclical in nature. There are times when it seems that the creative teams are firing on all cylinders and can do no wrong. And then there are times when reading my monthly stack of floppies seems to be a chore, something that I do because I have always done it.I only mention this because I feel that comics, once again, seem to be on the downward spiral towards mediocrity. There are only two titles that I look forward to every month, Amazing Spider-Man and Secret Avengers. The other titles I am  finding only okay, neutral, a correct representation of what a comic book is but lacking that special something that brings readers back for more.

I was uninterested in 52 new titles. Action Comics is hanging on by a thread for me. I am tired of Final Crises and Fear Itselfs. I am tired of 47 part crossovers, of polybagged foolishness, and of artists only doing 2 or 3 issues. I am tired of reading a comic book in 5 minutes and wondering where that $4 went. In short, I want comic books to be better.However, I am fully aware that perhaps I am being too hard on the industry. Are all of you currently enjoying your books more than I am?