Frank Miller’s rant on his blog about the Occupy movement is all the talk this week on the comics interwebs.  It immediately brought to mind a 52Q about whether creator personalities and views affect enjoying their work.

Miller was and is a big name in the comic world, but he’s had a string of commercial or critical failures, namely The Spirit movie and Holy Terror.  This online outburst has put his name back in the spotlight, but not for the better.

I have been a great fan of Frank Miller and his body of work, probably until the tail end of Sin City.  His opinions about anything really don’t interest me, and that applies to any creator whose work I enjoy.  Yes, their writing is a product of themselves and therefore their opinions and personality, but I don’t need to see it outside of said creative work.  Consume the book, comic, movie, art and move on.

Will I pick up Miller’s next work?  Probably not, but that’s because The Spirit and Holy Terror were, to be polite, poor.  Nothing to do with his rant or views on pretty much anything, since Miller and I share something everyone has, an opinion.  And of course mine is the most important.  To me.

Thoughts?  Please comment below.