Undervalued Spotlight #365

Girls’ Love Stories #176, DC Comics, February/March 1973

I was so excited about this pick that I couldn’t wait for this post to share it. After the beating I took on my last spotlight though I got a bit gun shy and actually considered changing it. Thankfully the feeling lasted only a few seconds. Buoyed by the Spotlight Mandate of variety and diversity and by the delusion that I know what I’m doing I present Girls’ Love Stories #176 as this week’s Undervalued Spotlight.

The moment I randomly happened upon the cover to Girls’ Love Stories #176 I knew is was my next Spotlight pick. Had I tripped over this issue a few months ago I most likely would have just kept scrolling but I found it last week and immediately identified it’s social relevance.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has triggered a societal response more akin to a social movement. This scandal is turning out to be a watershed moment, a critical turning point in time where things  change, never to be the same again.

Other prominent entertainment personalities have since been called out for alleged sexual misconduct. Expect more to come. The decade old #MeToo hashtag has found a resurgence thank’s to it’s use as a rally point in this scandal.

Scandals of all kinds come and go, they make good press for a couple of news cycles then fade away. The Weinstein scandal looks to be a tipping point. Rolling Stone Magazine stated the scandal may change our culture.

“Secret Diary of a Hollywood Starlet” is the main story and the cover material to Girls’ Love Stories #176. The cover captures the essence of the scandal and of what some young women had do/have endure while trying to succeed.

I’m no art expert but even the cover art says a lot, the scene happens behind closed doors but someone on the outside sees its an open secret, the body language is telling too, the Hollywood starlet is turned away from the middle aged director, she is not engaged physically with him, even her face is upturned towards him by his hand.

Covers to comics are becoming such important drivers of value, more than they ever were and the trend is continuing. Girls’ Love Stories #176 will certainly become a book in demand simply because it’s cover connects so directly to this pivotal social moment.

I looked around on line and there is just 1 raw copy on eBay for $25. I’m hoping a few more get flushed out.

The 47th Overstreet price break for this book is $16/$23/$30 in the 8.0/9.0/9.2 grade splits.

Reasons to buy this comic book as an investment:

  • Socially relevant cover
  • Growing interest in the genre and in prominent covers
  • Cheap right now

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Hi Walt
    My only problem with this pick is that, probably even a couple of years from now, Harvey Weinstein will have been lost in the mists of time, as have the likes of Fatty Arbuckle, and as will Jian Gomeshi and Bill Cosby one day. This brand of notoriety will not, in my opinion, last for a very long time and there will be little or no demand for this book in the long run. I wish I could be a little more encouraging, but I just don”t see this as a very collectable book, but I would love to know who did the cover art. That might have some lasing appeal in it’s own right. Any ideas?

    cheers, mel

  2. Thanks Mel,

    Early sentiment seems to be that this scandal will be a catalyst for change and will thus always be references on in sight and on mind.

    Comics.org has Art Saaf doing the pencils and the great Vince Colletta doing the inks.

  3. I second Mel’s commentary: disagree on changes to the human condition (and hence relevance), but the cover art is fantastic in many respects. I suspect this is a “cover swipe” from some baroque or neoclassical painting. That solid green is also going to make this a hard book in high grade – note the color breaks in the scan.

  4. Romance comics disappeared in the 1970’s and seem a low priority on most peoples collecting hierarchy. Considering how bad new comic sales are, perhaps most comic genres will suffer the same fate, with only historic and cinema driven comic successes really mattering as future investments. If true, a sad day for those of us who revere this story telling method. 🙁

  5. Man you guys are tough sells!

    I’ve seem an increase for comic book covers as drivers of comic value especially striking covers with pretty girls as the subject matter. Luckily for the romance genre there are plenty of those types of covers. Unfortunately this increased value has very little to do with the genre or the story itself.

  6. Walt’s right fellas. There has always been and continues to be a demand for good girl art. Look at what all those Adam Hughes Catwoman issues go for. The socially relevant topic potentially gives this issue an added pop. Now if this cover was done by Matt Baker, we’d definitely have a winner!

  7. Hey Walt
    Thanks for the Art Saaf heads up. Like I said, beautiful cover. I had only known his work previously from cover art on Wings and Jumbo Comics. I can also see this trend towards buying great covers. After all, If you’re going to get your books slabbed, the only real visual appeal any more is the cover, but, in essence, this reduces a book to the level of a collectable card. I’m sure you already know how I feel about that trend, so I won’t belabour the point here. Thanks for your kind attention.

    all the best, mel

  8. A reminder from Undervalued Spotlight #0: How does Comic Book Daily define undervalued?

    An undervalued comic is one that, on the date the post was published, was determined to have a value to be below what it should be for the reasons provided, based on the writer’s experience with the comic market.

  9. So Scott, is no polite disagreement allowed according to this criteria, or can another person with “experience with the comic market” (say 57 years, for instance) make a conflicting comment? I thought Comic Book Daily was a forum for discussion, but you make it sound as if no one is allowed to disagree, as if an Undervalued Spotlight were set in stone. If that is the case, why even allow for comments? It does say “please join in” as I recall.
    Just curious. If that’s the case I think we should stop questioning Overstreet’s decisions, since they have so much “experience in the comic market,” and call the whole thing off.


  10. Hey guys..in my opinion .the whole romance genre has some of the most beautiful art and covers that ‘I’ve seen in my collecting experience. And yet it seems to be one of the industries least in demand genres. I love these books. But as Walt noted in undervalued spotlight # 0…. “Strengths that make this book a good long term investment” …or as noted in this post ,Reasons to buy this comic book as an investment:
    I’m just unsure this is a great investment. Perhaps its a great buy, a great read, great art, a beautiful cover….but is it a worthy investment?
    Walts helped me buy a few books that have truly been great buys and even better investments. I think there often is a difference between a great buy and an great investment. Perhaps this is the confusion here?
    Hey walt…if hind sight is truly 20/20….how many of your 365 undervalued spotlights performed at an investment level ? I’m sure most met the great buy standard. ( I miss the investing tips column in comicbookdaily)
    Respectfully, Dave

  11. To be honest I really do like it when comments challenge my spotlight picks. I think Scott just wanted to set the criteria for the Spotlight straight, these are my insights based on my experiences and view of the market as of the date of the post. Once that is understood then have at me all day long, I’m insulated by the knowledge that I’m right anyways!!

    Hey Dave, I don’t think my track record is that good but it would be a fun exercise to do. I think a good buy and a good investment can be the same thing. There is no time line on investment so for this week’s pick if we find it in a bargain bin, throw it up on eBay and it connect it to the sex scandals and pocket $20 dollars after costs and fees then it technically was a good buy and a good investment.

  12. Thanks Walt. I always figured you wanted the occasional challenge too. That’s the beauty of an open forum for discussion. I don’t always think you’re right and if I posted weekly (as I’m always amazed you manage to do) I would imagine not everybody would agree 100% with me. I’m sure you are more than capable of arguing the point yourself without getting your feelings hurt, and I certainly don’t want to see the whole thing called off. I don’t imagine I would enjoy CBD quite as much without it. And thanks again for all your time and effort!

    all the very best, mel

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