Undervalued Spotlight #462

Avengers #80, Marvel Comics, September 1970.

Avengers #80 features the first appearance of Red Wolf, a Native American hero with mystic powers, and his wolf companion Lobo. William Talltrees, son of Cheyenne tribal leader Thomas Talltrees, was the first Red Wolf introduced by Roy Thomas and big John Buscema. Roy Thomas wrote that Stan Lee liked the character but wanted him in Marvel’s Westerns stable so Red Wolf was quickly adapted to the old West. After his Avengers debut, Red Wolf appeared again in Marvel Spotlight #1 and in the short-lived Red Wolf series, this time as the old west alias of Johnny Wakely.

Like I said in the intro, Red Wolf is just an announcement away from the big leagues. Today’s hunger for diversity just makes Red Wolf’s ascension a matter of time in my view.

The markets have always respected Avengers #80 and have built-in some speculation value but nowhere near enough in my view. You can pick up a CGC 9.4 for about $270, in the spring of 2017 you could have grabbed one for $260, no growth at all.

Based on the population census I’d gun for a CGC 9.6, a 9.6 wraps you up and insulates you in some enduring scarcity, there are 32 at CGC 9.6 or better. When the book explodes there will be more graded (coupled of course with way more demand) but a CGC 9.6 should keep you in the top 10 percentile. As always look for a tight crisp copy, one that is square to the corners and has a good register.

The 48th Overstreet price breaks for this book are $46/$86/$125 in the 8.0/9.0/9.2 grade splits.

Strengths that make this comic a good long-term investment are:

  • First appearance of Red Wolf
  • Embedded in highly collectible are of Avengers surrounded by many keys and small key issues
Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I will evaluate later but as I am half goofy at this late hour I have a Byrne-like concept of somehow tying together Lobo, Lobo, and Lobo. Maybe Lobo goes back in time and runs into Lobo and Johnny Wakely as “Red Wolf agreed to help other western heroes to protect the mostly African American town of Wonderment, Montana from the sadistic Nightriders” (see marvel.fandom.com), and Lobo’s aid in defending the town inspires Lobo to make a gift of a wolf pup he names Lobo to Wakely/Red Wolf. The wolf pup is somehow disconnected from the time stream by Lobo’s return to the future and appears before William Talltrees, inspiring him to resurrect the Lone Wolf identity. The best Marvel/DC/Dell crossover event ever.

  2. I am actually enlightened as I was sure after all these years the Marvel Spotlight was 1st. Your right in calling it a short series… Spotlight #2 was Werewolf By Night…with a much better cover by Neal Adams then the later Ploog stuff… maybe he was an acquired taste!
    As for Red Wolf, he seemed far more suited for a western then for the Avengers but I give them credit for trying to diversify. I mentioned some time ago that this was a time for more positive attitudes toward indigenous Americans on the heels of films like Little Big Man and A Man Called Horse, and we also had a new breed of comic makers out there as well who were part of the changing attitudes.

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