Covered 365: Day 253

Batman #253, DC Comics, September 1973, Artist: Mike Kaluta.

The colours and the mood work really well on Mike Kaluta’s cover to Batman #253.

Walt Kelly does it again, we need a good few minutes to drink in all that is happening on his fantastic cover to Four Color #253.

I think Jim Aparo does a stellar job on the wrap-around cover to World’s Finest #253, what’s with DC and the wrap-around covers in the early 1970s?

I really liked Byrne’s lighting around Captain America on #253 but thought too much of the cover at the bottom right was thick boxy browns and blacks.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I like The Shadow a lot but never knew that cover and story existed. Mind blown and… added to want list. Thanks.

    Nice World’s Finest, there’s something going on there rather than just a poster cover.

  2. So was Batman twice or more a month at this period? 251 and 253 are both September issues, is 252? I know, I could look in the GCD.

  3. Enjoyed all the choices today – and can’t argue with the selection of Batman #253 as the choice of the day. As a bonus, the Batman #253 cover really has great effect when you hold the actual comic.

    The World’s Finest is fantastic, as is the Captain America. And I enjoyed my first impression of Four Color #253.

    But today should be noted as a day that has multitude of outstanding covers including:

    • Thor #253: A strong Kirby Thor is always appreciated.

    • House of Mystery #253: Agree with Chris, this one isn’t as monstrous as #252, but we are in the midst of a great run of HofM covers.

    • Conan #253: Ernie Chan brings an action packed cover with all the elements that attract Conan fans – Sword in hand, a damsel, a monster, and a wizard all in one view.

    • Daredevil #253: Simple but strong Kingpin cover image. Viscerally displays Wilson Fisk’s obsession with Daredevil.

    Though not as outstanding, I also liked Justice League #253 and Our Army at War #253.

    But the day cannot pass without acknowledging the JOWA for Detective #253. Chris defined yesterday as “appalling” – nuff’ said.

  4. Like all the covers AND the alternative suggestions! I agree on the JOWA as well… swimming with their uniforms on…sheesh!

  5. GCD says November on Batman 253. I looked at Detective 253… now seen it cannot be unseen though it proves Batman was not always moody. It seems like a promo for a 1970’s animated show.

  6. I’m happy you picked my Kaluta Batman suggestion today. I agree with Derrick that there were many good covers today, including Daredevil 253. I took a look at Detective 253…it is so ridiculous that it just may be brilliant!

  7. Egads Walt! While I do like that Batman cover, it has 10x as much brown as the Cap does. Add to that the lip sucking appearance of Bats and it’s a odd appearance, but still nice art by Kaluta. Just not my top pick. X-Factor was better. The World’s Finest cover dies on Black Canary’s face. Just awful, and the rest isn’t exactly interesting either. That’s enough bashing, ONWARD!
    Now let’s give some suggestions for 254!
    Winnah for 254 IMO is Captain America by Byrne/Rubinstein without reservation. Runner’s up are Avengers, Batman, Uncanny X-men, and Thor.
    JOWA is a double header, both involving Supes. Primarily Superman for lying to the child, his powers are not given and taken like Shazam! However this has been done before when we see Adventure Comics Superboy claiming a machine doing the same thing! Talk about a re-hash of trash!

  8. Trying to keep my streak alive at this late hour. C.K. stole part of my thunder about the browns, but also you say “boxy” while Batman has actual boxcars! Again C.K. steals my thunder re the Aparo faces killing the World’s Finest, which I looked at and really wanted to pick.

    Walt’s going for Betty and Veronica tomorrow because of the bubbles. C.K. pulls a trifecta by selecting the right pick, although the only runner-up I will agree with is Thor.

    JOWA is more than a double header – I think #254 could possibly be proclaimed JOWA day. Daredevil’s face; Detective’s Bat-Hound (’nuff said); yet another Flash villain convention; Adams’s weird octopus/elephant creature on House of Mystery (other than being silly looking, another amazing piece of art); the Hulk’s Hasselhoff hair; Iron Man fighting Santa; the childlike proportions of Spectacular Spider-Man; Captain Superman Jr. (C.K.’s pick); Tarzan’s piggy-back ride; “My arms–!! What’s happened to my arms?”; the doddering Creeper on World’s Finest.

  9. That whole run of mid 200’s Spectacular Spiderman should be a JOWA…not even good enough to line a cat box with in my opinion!

  10. Is the scan colour accurate on the Batman? Wonder if the sky was more reddy/orange dusky something I recall DC did well. On second look Batman is kinda cringy so even The Shadow can strike fear in the hearts of the good,and the Shadow is kinda hunched shoulders vultury. Still, it’s a Batman Shadow team up that appeals. Found some scans of the inside art, not by Kaluta but reasonable enough. Several copies floating around on ebay in decent condition and reasonable prices so I may be able snag one.

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