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If Captain Britain vanished from the red pages of Marvel without a trace, would anyone (Stateside) care? Or even notice?! With Disney’s (fairly) recent decision that “all Marvel Superheroes must originate in the United States” we may well see that happen very soon – and only then would there be any tantrums from the (usually very quiet), patriotic Brit-nerds.

Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) was originally pencilled as Britannic – which, in my opinion is actually a bit stronger than ‘Captain Britain’ (as a name) as there isn’t that immediate affiliation to Cap and he would’ve stood alone. He was initially intended by his creators, Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe, to be the British equivalent of Captain America, although there is room for him to be a bit more individual, classy and ‘espionage y’ I think.   Tarnished with extraordinary powers bestowed upon him by legendary magician Merlyn and his daughter Roma, Captain Britain was assigned to “uphold the laws of Britain” and why the hell not.  Thanks Captain Britain… I hope he stops around 4 o’clock every afternoon for tea and crumpets.

Cap Britain has paraded across Panini Comics/Marvel UK’s pages for some years now since his first appearance in Captain Britain Weekly, #1 (October 13, 1976).  However, with Disney deciding that “all Marvel Superheroes must originate in the United States”, Panini/Marvel UK (whom provide stories for new readers outside the States) will  need to fill the void – and since Marvel don’t seem to generate much Cap Britain content either, will he ever be seen again?… or should he?

Panini Comics is an Italian comic book publisher, best known for their collectible stickers.  They publish comic books in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as printing manga in several non-English-speaking countries.  And they’re also the company responsible for printing the Doctor Who Magazine so… it’s a real shame they can’t play with the Yanks anymore.

This whole mess will probably mean less outlet for British creators which is also a shame but – more importantly… it’ll mean less Captain Britain.

Bad times.


Danny Champion
Danny Champion

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  1. “all Marvel Superheroes must originate in the United States”

    Is this for real? What the heck is the reasoning behind this and what happens to Alpha Flight, Ta-challa or Sunfire?

  2. I just Googled it… they’re not talking about the character but rather the production. I guess they’re trying to keep all ownership in-house. Licensing was a huge revenue generator for Marvel when it was independent… why not for Disney? I don’t see the logic here…

  3. Spot on Charlie mate… Plenty of the Marvel guys/girls aren’t even from earth. It’s the production side they’re trying to cap.
    Strange move though, agreed. I was hoping to get my grubby paws on Cap Britain at some point!…
    Can anyone think of an obviously British DC Character please?

  4. I don’t think it’s as specific as – all non-American creators must reside in the United States.

    It’s more… controlling the Marvel activity outside the US, through Panini Comics and Marvel UK for Example. Everything must originate inside the States now – and branch out from there.
    Where Disney can cast an approving eye over everything maybe?!… gross.

    Dale can stay where he is – as long as he’s work goes through Marvel US editorial I think.

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