Justice League Cover Sketch Progress #2

Following on from last weeks’ post, I just wanted to share the sketch is it is now.

The idea for this ‘make-believe’ storyline is to suggest a catastrophe in NYC with the JLA discovering the discarded remains of the currently missing Avengers or Marvel headliners in general. I think a cover like this should suggest a mixture of discovery and shock as the main DC protagonists try to understand exactly what happened and what they might be up against etc, while teasing the potential scale in a crossover story as huge as that.

Maybe this should be a Marvel book (in make-believe land) as opposed to a Justice League story. Maybe that would carry a bit more weight in terms of story and shock-factor.

Last week, I shared the first under-drawing and the overall composition is still a work in progress but, I’ve managed to tweak the characters a little.

My evaluation last week: “Supes looks a bit too Neanderthal and maybe Flash is a bit too thick, he should be a bit leaner as a master of speed. I do like the shared interest in Iron Man’s discarded mask between him and Bat’s though. Aquaman should be slightly out of the ‘click’ I think, Lantern should appear to not be bothered at all, but he must only appear so. WW should behave like a wild animal in terms of body language and behavior in my opinion and I’d like her to be deep in thought.

So, as a result, Supes now looks a little less Neanderthal but, maybe needs to seem a little more intrigued by the discovery of Cap’s discarded shield. Flash is now slightly leaner as required and Aquaman does appear slightly outside the ‘click’ with his discovery of Wolverines costume hardly being rewarded at all by his chums. Lantern is generally uninterested in the mission and naturally annoying with his smelly feet in Supes’ – all too serious – face. WW is in a world of her own and letting her instincts dominate her decision making.

I’ll progress this for next time and share it again.

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

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