London’s Super Convention

In the lead up to London’s Super Convention, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to one of the show’s organisers.  Please visit the Con’s website again (if you haven’t recently) to find the latest updates to schedule/guest appearances etc.  It’s on.

Is there any news on Stan Lee’s involvement? Has anyone in your office had any direct dialog with him or his PA’s?
– Ensuring that Stan Lee’s appearance is structured in a way that the attendees are able to have the greatest opportunity to meet him, have comics signed and listen to him speak in panels has meant we have been working very closely with his team.  Since asking these questions we have posted on the website details of Stan’s appearance at the show and a video where Stan indicates his excitement at coming to London.  Please check our website for details

Do you anticipate any visitors coming from France and beyond? Will their inevitable European tastes be catered for?
– we have attendees coming from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Romania and even Hong Kong to name a few.  While the focus in terms of creators has been mainly US and UK focused there are creators from Italy, Spain, Romania and Greece.

Are there any Scoops or exclusives you can share with CBD at this point?
– We have been working on so many things.  Make a point of visiting the website this weekend as we have just agreed on the prize for the Super Hero Cosplay competition and its one not to be missed.  I wish I could enter as I would love this opportunity.

Are there any guests/creators whom are yet to confirm their attendance?
– we have added a number to the website in the past week – we currently have 48 guest creators listed and don’t forget our small press contingent as well.  There may be a couple of late additions.

What are you most excited about at the convention as a whole?
– personally its seeing how the attendees view the convention.  When setting up the convention we looked at our experience both in the US and UK as attendees and exhibitors to determine how we would want a convention to work.  The weekend will determine whether our view has been validated.  To date the response from the public has been fantastic and we will be proud to see this flow through the weekend.

Can you share anything on the Panel schedule at this point?
– We have just released the panels.  Please check the website to plan your day accordingly.

Whom are you most excited about flying the flag for British/UK Comic scene?
– We have 2000AD and Markosia attending so the UK comic scene is well presented and I’ve always wanted to meet Brian Bolland.

How many visitors are you expecting at the Con?
– Tickets keep on increasing so it’s very difficult to say.  As we allow children under the age of 12 to attend free with a ticket holder we are hoping for a good mix between adults and children.

Is there anything particular you can offer UK based CBD fans as an incentive to come along?
The Super Hero Cosplay prize being finalised currently will offer the winner an opportunity that I haven’t seen matched before.  Check the website this weekend.  

In your opinion, which day would be better to visit?
– I think the panel and signing sessions on both days are such that it is difficult to decide which day is best.  They both offer a variety of choices that make each day entertaining.  If offered a choice of either I would say both and buy a weekend pass.  Now that details are up on the website I would suggest attendees look at each day’s entertainment and choose if they have to the day that suits them best.

What’s the interest been like from other press members?
– Huge – we have had mainstream TV channels, radio and newspapers to the smallest blog asking for press accreditation and interviews.

What can we expect at the Con from a retail perspective?

– A wider choice than ever put together at a UK convention before.  In terms of back issue comics we have major US comic dealers attending (e.g. Metropolis Collectables, High Grade Comics, Superworld comics, Bedrock City, Harley Yee, Terry’s Comics), to the best UK dealers (A Place in Space, Orbital Comics, Scott’s collectables, etc).  We also have Hotfllips attending who are in my view the best supplier of comic supplies in the US.  There is of course a vast array of publishers (IDW, 2000AD, Markosia etc) and small press to sample a vast array of comics across the comics spectrum.

This should be a great show.  I’ll obviously report back with any new developments in the coming weeks.

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

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