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Still in Africa and with a trip to Cape-Town right around the corner (in which I’ll hunt down the local Comic shops if it kills me – and report back with some tantalizing, transatlantic gossip and goodness), I’m currently sitting at a strange computer in a stranger’s home – as I’ve had to walk 5 clicks to the next farm to find a computer with some internet access!?  I haven’t seen or heard any sign of comics for almost 3 weeks and I’m climbing the walls to find out what’s happening!  I finally get 5 minutes to have a quick scan across the interwebs – and the first thing I see is asking “do comics suck again?” (thanks Anthony).   Can someone please confirm that this is simply a speculative and rhetorical question asap? as I need to know that, when I do return to ‘normalcy’ my beloved comics will be waiting for me.

It’s a strange feeling not having access to the thing you love the most, and knowing that everyone else around you has never had access to it. Maybe bringing comics to people whom don’t yet know and love them, is a way to make them… not suck again.

What I’m hoping for from this (rather rough around the edges) column is a little inside info on the month of November please?  What are the key points of interest in the industry? What’s been the strongest book? The weakest?  I’m sure Chris and Walt will flood my ears with news of all the new books and industry gossip when I’m able to catch up on the podcasts… but, what can I say, I’m impatient.

Is Millers’ rant worth getting upset about? Is the Batman Year One really any good?  Has anything crazy happened on the movie sets?  What’s happening with ”Venom February’ at Marvel? What do we think about Image Comics own Con? What’s trending on Twitter?

L’il help?!??  Please for the love of God, provide me with a suitable ‘fix’ of nerdery – and confirm my belief that comics are still alive?

Coming soon from Across The Pond – Comics in Cape-Town… if I can find anything!
My goodness.

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

Danny Champion is a freelance writer and artist. Follow CandyAppleFox on Twitter.

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Walter Durajlija
12 years ago

Don’t worry Danny, comics will still be around when you get back, though maybe only in digital form.

I’m imagining you feeling like a missionary, spreading the word that is comic books to a population yet to be enlightened. Hope you brought stacks of freebies!