DC Provides Repair How-To for $90 Darkseid Action Figure

I was perusing the DC Entertainment Direct Channel retailer newsletter last night when I came across the following.


DC Collectibles reports that the shoulder pads on the DARKSEID DELUXE ACTION FIGURE may disconnect when the figure’s arms are moved. A page detailing how to reattach the shoulder pads can be downloaded from Diamond here.

I took the download link off since you need to have a Diamond account to access. Here’s what was provided to retailers.

Hmm. I love the bottom note there: “to avoid detachment of the shoulder pads, Darkseid’s hands should not be lifted past his shoulders“. This just seemed odd, that DC would provide instructions for repair of an action figure. I then went to DC Direct to see what the figure was all about.

BOOM! Straight from the pages of DC Comics–The New 52 comes a brand new take on one of the Justice League’s most powerful villains–Darkseid! This Apokaliptic conqueror will crush all who oppose him–so start building your defenses today!

  • U.S. Price: $89.95
  • On Sale Date: November 2012

Yowzers, a $90 action figure! How is that even possible: for that kind of money you should be getting a statue. Odd that DC Direct provided so little detail. Searching around revealed this tidbit, over and over: “standing a whopping 13-inches tall”.Basically it’s twice the size of the other DC New 52 figures.

Is this where the toy market is heading?

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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Ed Campbell
11 years ago

$90 for a highly detailed, 13″ action figure isn’t that bad. There are some highly detailed 7″ figures that retail for $69.99 (but they come with a lot of accessories).

After reading the “how-to” it’s not much of a repair. It’s just instruction on how to stick the pads back on. I’ve seen worse for repairs on figures. Some of the Marvel Select figures are brittle and will break easily. My movie version of Red Skull had his head break off when it fell off my shelf. A little bit of hot glue and he’s all fixed (except you can’t turn his head).

When you said “for that kind of money you should be getting a statue”, personally I would rather have an action figure. You can’t do anything with statues. They don’t do much (like platypus’ – P&F fans will get that one). With the action figure, you can chose which pose they will display with. If you get bored with one pose, change it.

11 years ago

We have a couple of these bad boys in stock and he basically is a posable statue. He has to weigh at least 10lbs. I don’t think I’d pay $90 for it myself, but it is pretty whopping.

11 years ago

I saw this in my local comic shop today. It looks good but definitely not worth $90.

As for the comment ‘Is this where the toy market is heading?’, it’s been going there for some time now. Quality of figures are going down while the price keeps going up. I’m not an economist or anything but it really wasn’t that long ago that higher quality figures would sell for a little more than half the price of what they are now (I’m looking at you Hasbro!). Inflation hasn’t gone up THAT much in the past 5-10 years.

Jose Cabello
Jose Cabello
8 years ago

Well i followed the instruction but instead of the popping the pad back in place, i snapped the attachment. Any idea where to get another ball attachment from? looks like a small plastic barbell.