I was perusing the DC Entertainment Direct Channel retailer newsletter last night when I came across the following.


DC Collectibles reports that the shoulder pads on the DARKSEID DELUXE ACTION FIGURE may disconnect when the figure’s arms are moved. A page detailing how to reattach the shoulder pads can be downloaded from Diamond here.

I took the download link off since you need to have a Diamond account to access. Here’s what was provided to retailers.

Hmm. I love the bottom note there: “to avoid detachment of the shoulder pads, Darkseid’s hands should not be lifted past his shoulders“. This just seemed odd, that DC would provide instructions for repair of an action figure. I then went to DC Direct to see what the figure was all about.

BOOM! Straight from the pages of DC Comics–The New 52 comes a brand new take on one of the Justice League’s most powerful villains–Darkseid! This Apokaliptic conqueror will crush all who oppose him–so start building your defenses today!

  • U.S. Price: $89.95
  • On Sale Date: November 2012

Yowzers, a $90 action figure! How is that even possible: for that kind of money you should be getting a statue. Odd that DC Direct provided so little detail. Searching around revealed this tidbit, over and over: “standing a whopping 13-inches tall”.Basically it’s twice the size of the other DC New 52 figures.

Is this where the toy market is heading?