Jack Kirby would be celebrating his 100th birthday this year, today in fact, and as deserved it’s a comic book celebration.

Avengers issue 16 cover by Jack Kirby and Sol Brodsky. Source.

I started collecting comics in 1980 and lucked into finding a great back issue resource at a local flea market. Right away I was buying Invaders back issues, mostly because of the Kirby covers. Being 8 creator names had no impact on me: I was reading comics based on characters, and found Marvel Triple Action shortly thereafter.

I then discovered a string of comic shops on James Street in Hamilton, and while perusing I was stopped dead in my tracks. On the back wall behind the cash of one shop was Avengers 16. I was awed by that cover, and admired it woefully because I could never spend $40 on a comic book.

While I’ve seen far better Kirby covers since then, Avengers 16 holds that high position in my nostalgic memory and as such was my first Kirby. I later came across the original art shown here and again had to admire it woefully because I couldn’t afford that price either.