I love a good Walter Mitty story. And there have been some greats. Ralph Phillips from the old Warner Brothers cartoons, who dreamed up all sorts of adventures from everyday challenges. Hobbes very nature makes Calvin a Walter Mitty. I’ve even got one of my own just waiting to see the light of day.


Lilith Dark fights monsters. Or Beasties to be more accurate. Or at least, she pretends she does. Or daydreams she does. That’s the fun of these stories, the imaginary stories are so real, there is always the chance that might truly be. And with Lilith, it seems the Beasties in her brother Dewey’s sketch book may be very real. Lilith herself is a mystery. Her morals are questionable, but that may just be the selfish nature of the young.


Charles Dowd has an interesting publishing system, one that is becoming popular. He finishes an “issue” of Lilith and makes it available for sale before he begins publishing it online. Sort of the reverse of the standard put it online and then collect it in print system.


Charles’ art is unique. While it might be a little rough around the edge’s, it’s well suited to the adventures of a young girl. The beasties look just like the monsters a kid would design. The line work is a little busy for my tastes but it gives things a gritty feeling that plays well with the darker aspects of the story. The colours skew towards grey, again adding to the darker tone.



Lilith Dark is a great example of the sort of material you’re only going to find from independent, webcomic type creators. The kid friendly story of a daydreaming, monster fighting girl. Go catch up on Lilith Dark’s adventures today.