Oglaf (18+)


This time we are going into the back room. Behind the curtain with the sign saying no minors.

No really, if yer a kid or at work or easily offended by naughty bits hit the back button.


Are we good?



So Oglaf is dirty. Now that said, Oglaf is also funny. Really funny. Every Sunday we are treated to a very funny comic that might involve sentient ejaculate, Kronar the Barbarian, Mistertique Greatest Ladies Man in the World, or just goofy fantasy people doing the nasty. Some weeks it’s a one page strip, sometimes multiple. Many are one offs, but there are some returning characters and ongoing bits mentioned previously.



Now there’s no shortage of sex online. And a fair bit of dirty comic material. There’s even multiple sites featuring sex webcomics. (Many of which you’ll see advertised on Oglaf’s site.) But Oglaf stands out because it’s not about tickling your naughty regions but instead your funny bone. The closest thing I’ve come across is Phil Foglio’s old XXXenophile comics, but even those, while similarly cartoony and with a certain winking humour, were still mostly setup, drawn out sex scene and punchline. Sort of like parody porn movies. Oglaf instead, is a really funny comic that happens to combine fantasy and adult material.


I’ve kept the samples here at least visually safe, but even these contain language and situations that are “not safe for work”. But it’s all done in fun. The sex is played for laughs. It’s also not porn sex. It’s actually quite frank about sex. In all it varied forms. It also manages to poke fun at sexual relations, fantasy conventions and just humanity in all our stupid sexy splendor. And a walking talking cum sprite. (There’s a t-shirt!)


As well as being really funny and clever, Oglaf also stands out because it’s so well drawn. This is great cartooning. If I was Hefner, I’d be rolling out the big money to have Oglaf in Playboy. Again, while the sex is played for laughs, the strip is full of every filthy thing you could imagine, all drawn and presented right there on your screen, hoohahs and junks everywhere. (Another cartoonist recently remarked that Oglaf featured the best looking male members in comics). The colouring is great, with atmospheric pages and subtle lighting effects that play off the hard-line shading perfect for the cartoony art.


Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne keep the Oglaf site pretty minimal, there’s no about us or much of anything else besides the strips and a link to their store. (And a banner ad that is usually for other porn comics or a funny parody ad.) If you hunt around enough, you can find some interviews. Oh, and Oglaf has its own wiki. (Y’know, in this context, that word sounds really dirty.)



I try to keep my Walkabouts to the less traveled areas, looking for webcomics that are not well-known. Oglaf is fairly successful and quite well-known, but only to those who already know webcomics. And it’s just so well done, and it’s a type I’ve not covered before so I decided to make an exception.


Make sure when you go read every single strip Oglaf has, cause you are going to find somewhere not at work where prying eyes aren’t going to ask what the hell you are looking at and read them in one sitting I guarantee, make sure you hover over the strips and read the alt tags. They add one more zing to most strips.




Chris Howard
Chris Howard

Chris Howard has been creating comics longer than he's been reading them. Introduced to home made comics by a grade school friend Chris was doomed from an early age. When said friend later opened a comic store, first out of his home and later a storefront, Chris got on the weekly comic shop ride and has never got off. He later returned to making home made comics during the 90's with the launch of Dressed For Success, and again in 2009 with the move to webcomics. When he's not immersed in comics he has a day job doing graphic design and IT, a night job as a children's librarian and a wife and son. He doesn't sleep much.

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